Happy St. George’s Day!

Before we left our mooring outside Hampton Court, the ‘Flag of St George’ was erected on the boat hook. Well we were outside an ‘English’ palace, and we are in our capital city, so why not on St George’s Day!

We had a lovely relaxing day yesterday, the weather has been fabulous, and we had a great time soaking up London’s atmosphere.

Our mooring wasn’t far from Molesey Lock, our first lock of the day.  The lock was manned, and the lockie required Cyan to be held both fore and aft with mooring lines over lock bollards to steady her. As soon as we left the lock, we moored by the services to carry out sanny, rubbish, and ‘filling the water tank’ duties.

We cruised for a very ‘windy’ mile, and by Platts Eyot we moored for a short time, while I got ‘granny’s shopping trolley’ out, and dashed to Tesco across from Hurst Park. (Note to self: Must remember to shop according to what I can carry!)

After stashing away the shopping, and drinking a cup of coffee, we pushed off again with St George’s flag flying high. A passing man did say it was nice to see, but some people don’t see the flag the way we do. How sad!

At Sunbury Lock we found the lock unmanned, with the lock doors wide open. John walked up to the lock, where there was a boater who had also just arrived, wanting to go down the lock. This was great as the lock was our first lock on the Thames where we had to work ourselves, and it was good for John to speak to the other boater who had a lot more experience. I steered Cyan into the lock, and steadied her with the centre line on a bollard.

Lots of workmen working on what looks like a floating platform?

We cruised around Desborough Island, and turned right to approach Shepperton Lock. This lock was manned, and we were under strict instruction by the lockie. We had once again to secure both fore and aft with Cyan’s mooring lines, and this time we had to turn off the engine.

We’re now moored at Dockett Eddy, just round the corner from Pharaoh’s Island.

Today we’ve cruised 6 miles, and 3 locks.

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