A Day For Moving On And On…

The River Nene is absolutely beautiful, it’s clean, and full of all forms of life. After being ‘part’ of the ‘beauty’ we were a bit disappointed when we arrived yesterday at the Marina. Our mooring was on the left side of the jetty next to the blue boat on the right. It felt like we were in a boatyard.

The jetty was damaged, and it had bits of rope attached to it where we were to tie mooring ropes. When we booked the mooring a few days ago, we were under the impression we’d be hooked up to electrics. After mentioning this, we were told the boat on the left of us would soon to be leaving, we could moor up there, and they’d supply us with an electric lead from the office. The boat didn’t move. After staying the night, we’d made up our mind to leave.

This morning, as soon as the office was open, John asked what they would be charging us. The cost for the night was £10. John paid the money, and let them know we wouldn’t be staying. He complained the £10 was very poor value as there were no lights, no safe mooring points, no water and no electric hookup.  After a little more discussion on how/why we were disappointed, John had our £10 returned. We left them in no doubt, never to return.

We’d planned to drop down 2 locks, and moor between the A427 and the A605 bridges.

Waitrose wasn’t far from where we moored, and I was soon on my way to replenish Cyan’s galley with fresh fruit, veg and salad bits. On the way to Waitrose, through the footpath, I saw a notice for boaters, saying that moorings had to be vacated by 8:00 a.m. When I got back to the boat there was a card pinned to the ground by Cyan, with a big no. 6 written on it. It looked like we were moored on a fisherman’s competition peg. We decided to move.

Just as we were getting ready to go, there was a rap on the side of Cyan. A red faced ‘official’ was standing on the bank, but before he could say anything, I said we’re just about to move. All the ‘wind was taken out of his sail’! Think he was geared up for a bit of a confrontation. apparently we had moored at the point were the Annual Local Fishing Contest was to be held in the morning!

After dropping down a further two locks, we finally moored in a lovely spot at Fotheringhay. When you consider it’s just £5 per night to moor here, as opposed to £10 a night in the Marina, there’s just no comparison.

The scaffolding is in the process of being dismantled.  Looking forward to seeing the church in all it’s glory when we return this way.

Fotheringhay Church just had over a £1 million face lift! The weather cock, or weather falcon, was bright and shiny. The local ‘old’ Inn is called ‘The Falcon’. The falcon is the badge of the House of York, which has been connected with Fotheringhay since 1377, when Edmund de Langley, the First Duke of York, and 5th son of Edward 1, built the 2nd Castle.

The first castle was built around 1100 by Simon de St Lys, who was the husband of Maud, the great niece of William the Conqueror. For a time after, the castle was under the control of Scottish Princes.

There’s only an earth mound left now where the castle used to be, and evidence of its moat.

Fotheringhay Castle is best known for the place where Mary Queen of Scots was incarcerated and later beheaded. The castle was also the birthplace of Richard III.

It’s a beautiful spot to moor. Alongside the bank there’s a deep strip of ground, after which the field is fenced off as a pen for a flock of sheep. Unfortunately to get onto the road from this strip of ground, to access the village, there’s a style to climb over. Rusty doesn’t do styles, and he’s far to heavy to lift him over, so we’ve been a bit stuck (no gate). Still he’s had several good games with his ‘ball on a rope’ which is good exercise for him.

We’re only a few yards from a waterpoint. On Monday morning we’ll be pulling Cyan towards the waterpoint, at least as far as the hosepipe will reach, topping up the water tank before we leave.

Today we’ve travelled 7 miles and through 4 locks.

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