A Fun Day

We had a great day on Wednesday (19/04/17), as we had a visit from our family. We met up at Ellesmere, and took a cruise down to the junction at the Prees Arm of the Llangollen, where we ‘winded’ Cyan, returning back to Ellesmere.

Day started with the obligatory bacon sarnie for breakfast at the tiller, then for lunch we stopped by a lovely spot where we had a picnic, followed by party cakes for the ‘Birthday Girl’ Llio, who was having her birthday the next day.

It was a fantastic day, and I heard our ‘Captain-For-The-Day’, Aled, was soon asleep in the car on the way home. Think we were all shattered too.

Thank you Ceryl, Chris, Cara, Llio and Aled for visiting, and giving us great memories of a beautiful day!

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