A Long Yet Enjoyable Day!

We didn’t realise how near we were to the ‘action’ at Henley. Even in the dark rowers were training hard, and again as the dawn chorus sang.

This gorgeous boat was moored opposite us last night, it looks good in the daylight, but in the dark it was prettily illuminated

We were also moored quite near to ‘Temple Island’, the other side of the island is the starting point for  regatta races. 

The Temple on ‘Temple Island’

During the days of the regatta (4th – 8th July) you can hire the ‘island’ to entertain up to 40 guests, where they will scrumptiously wine and dine!

Posts mark out the channel for the races to take place.

‘Post painters’ taking a break from painting the posts

A boat with a huge ‘thumping thingy’ for ‘thumping in’ the posts

Suspect this is where races finish

Phylis Court, famous hotel and venue for corporate hospitality during Regatta week

Henley ‘High Street’

Could be a des res for someone!

I’ve come to the conclusion; swans like to be around us. There are many places for them to build secluded nests, but they do appear to prefer being around humans

Reading Bridge

Cables support the new Christchurch pedestrian and cycle bridge at Reading

When we set off on this trip back in February, we’d planned to cruise the Kennet & Avon. Now we’re heading to Lechlade, and back down to join the Oxford Canal.

Entrance to the River Kennet, leading to the Kennet & Avon Canal

At our first lock of the day, Marsh Lock, the Lock Keeper mentioned that the ‘problem’ boats, moored on the Tesco mooring at Reading were being moved on. He said it was about time as one of the boats had been moored there for four years! Many boater have complained these boats are stopping boaters from shopping.

It’s good to see the moorings are being refurbished (or are they being extended?).

Opposite the moorings is this boat.

Trying to think of something ‘positive’

An Egyptian goose (which we thought was a duck) flew in front of us, and dived onto a female mallard duck which had about a dozen little ducklings with her. There was such a fight, eventually the goose swam off, while the mother duck herded her little duckling between a boat and the bank, out of harms way.

What on earth possessed the goose to attack the female mallard and her brood? I thought these geese were cute, but not anymore! See more info

It’s been a brilliant day! We’re now moored at Pangbourne, before Whitchurch Lock. Tomorrow, before we push off, I’ll be visiting the ‘famous’ butcher (Greens), and visit Lloyds pharmacy (I forgot to tell Mr Tesco to bring John’s toothpaste, he’s had to use my brand).

Today we’ve cruised 18 miles, and 6 locks.

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