A Scramble Up The Diggle Flight…In The Rain

Classic boaters dilemma, we need to be at the Standedge portal by 11.30 a.m. Wednesday, but it is hissing down, and we are at the bottom of the Diggle Flight….Hmmmm.

Stay put and hope for ‘better’ weather tomorrow for an early morning dash up the flight? Or do we bite the bullet and scramble up the flight in the rain, with a promise of a hot shower and an overnight near to the portal?

After a morning walk with Rusty in the rain I felt  it was worth pushing on today, after all we both returned wet through…..

As we left our overnight mooring, below lock #24, the Greater Manchester weather gods decided to show what they could do!

The clouds covered most of the views of Saddleworth Moor as I walked the flight of 9………poignant and fitting; following the news about the demise of Ian Brady. The rain was relentless……

Jen and Rusty stayed on board while I wielded the windless, the locks are so close together it is easier to walk than jump on and off the boat.

After 2+ hours we reached the top, and the aqueduct mooring before Standedge Portal beckoned.

Weather note, once we had secured CYAN the rain promptly stopped!

CYAN snuggled up on the aqueduct….


Saddleworth revealed at last, feels like we are on top of the world

The Standedge Portal at Diggle awaits…..tomorrow

Amazing portal gates securing the tunnel access


The tunnel rules and advice

Another wonderful achievement by Thomas Telford

One thought on “A Scramble Up The Diggle Flight…In The Rain

  1. Amazing doors on the tunnel, showing a barge with ‘leggers’ . Leggers being men who were paid 1/6d to ‘walk’ the boat through the tunnel.

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