A Week At Polesworth Visitor Moorings

Polesworth is a lovely village, with the added bonus of having a tasty fish ‘n’ chip shop. With the village having a handy stores, green grocers, butchers etc., it looked a great place to stay.

The day after we arrived, we flagged down Ricky who runs a vintage barge on the canal, selling diesel, coal and gas, for supplies.  There’s something not quite natural having a fuel seller come to you, when we normally have to travel to a garage to top up with fuel.

While in Polesworth, John caught a bus back to Trinity Marina to pick up our Spanish car.  The next day he ‘leapfrogged’ the car to Great Haywood Marina, where we’d booked a mooring for a week while we organised getting the car back to Spain.  We’d managed to sell the car to a local car dealer in Spain, and of course getting the car to them was down to us.

We stayed in Polesworth from 25th February to 3rd March.


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