After A Blustery Weekend

We didn’t move over the weekend, preferring to stay in one place while Saturday’s grey and dull doldrums were blown clear away by Sunday’s high winds. Just wished the towpath was a lot drying and even. Slipping and sliding down an uneven path is a bit harsh on arthritic knees. Though Rusty didn’t appear to mind, still it must be easier when you’ve got 4 legs.

This morning we left our mooring on Tixall Wide. Looking at the sky we didn’t really know how the weather was going to turn out.

All three of us are hoping to get a good sleep tonight, for the past couple of nights geese have disturbed Rusty, and he kicked off. Obviously, geese don’t sleep in the night, but you’d think they could keep the noise down.

We went through one lock today and cruised 3 miles, in parts we cruised in the rain.

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