After Weekend Bank Holiday

The mooring, at the start of the ‘Calder & Hebble Navigation’ was lovely and quiet, so we decided to stay put and let the ‘bank holiday boaters’, enjoy the ‘space’. Just as well as the rain on Sunday and Monday never gave up!

Tuesday morning; though the weather was cloudy, it looked promising, so we set off without really a place in mind to moor.

We’ve learnt that the structure of the locks are unique to each canal, so as we ventured to our first lock on the Calder & Hebble, we wondered which ‘technique’ we should use.  The locks appear double the width, and roughly being the same length as those on the Huddersfield Broad Canal, which is short for us. We had to go down the locks on the HBC horizontal. Which means it’s awkward to open the gates of the lock, as Cyan’s bow’s  is tucked in the corner. We’ve got round this by John nudging Cyan out the gate with a pole.

As the locks are wide, there’re many beautiful wide-beamed boats of either 10ft or 12 ft width.  Cyan’ beam is 6ft 10in.  It’s a little strange to see them, and they do look ‘luxurious’.

At first it’s strange to be cruising a river, and every now and again there’s evidence of when the river was in high flood, such in the picture below, where ‘rags’ have been caught in branches.

From the river we turned off onto a navigation, which basically is a canal system, cutting out a part of the river that is un-navigational. We passed through the Ledgard flood gates which were open, but should the water in the river be high, the gates will be shut to protect the canal.

We moored up just outside the car park of a Lidl store, where provisions were replenished.

Today we went through 2 locks, cruised 2 miles, and moored where WiFi is 48Mbps.

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