Almost At The Grand Union’s End

We’ve not really moved for a week as the Thames had red ‘Caution Strong Stream’ warnings signs all along the river.

This bright and sunny morning, on the Environment Agency website there were ‘No Stream Warnings’ up to Sunbury Lock, with ‘Caution Stream Decreasing’ warnings further upstream.

Great! The pressure is off, and we can continue our journey again.

Leaving our mooring at Yiewsley.

While waiting, we’ve been busy. I’ve been wanting to paint Cyan’s ceiling white, to reflect light into the boat, but I’ve been worried as to what it might turn turn out like. So while we were moored next to the shops, I bought a pot of off-white wood paint for the bathroom, as a sort of experiment.

We’re quite pleased with the result, so I went back to the shop to buy enough paint to for the length of Cyan’s ceiling. On a nice dry day somewhere; Cyan will get her ceiling painted.

Our new life jackets arrived without a glitch from Ebay, picked up from Argos.

John also ordered from Ebay some ‘Montmorency Cherry’ supplements, and they also arrived promptly.

John’s foot has been hurting him for a couple of weeks now, he felt he’d sprained his ankle but couldn’t remember when, or how. His foot’s been strapped up, and he’s not really been walking far on it. After a bit of self-diagnosis, we think John’s had a bout of gout! In the past he’s had medication for a high uric acid count. Basically his blood is too acid, and this is where the Montmorency Cherry supplement comes in. Montmorency Cherry is highly heralded on the Internet for reducing the acidity of blood, and relieving gout. I’ve also been using ‘Lo Salt’ in cooking to provide extra potassium (low potassium another symptom of gout), and it looks like our self-medication appears to be working, at least according to the extra time John’s been walking Rusty.

What a fantastic day it’s been today! A First Class Boating Day!

Thought the heron might have flown off when we passed…

The terrapin (?) looks like he wants to get out of the canal?

Terrapins are in C&RT”s ‘Rogues Gallery‘.

We also saw our first duckling brood, sadly though the newly hatched ducklings were trying to swim in a cruddy filthy area.

Houseboats are two story high here…

We hadn’t planned to go down the two Norwood locks, but we were getting short of water. We had planned to fill up at Bull’s Bridge Junction. The waterpoint is on Tesco’s mooring, except there was a boat on the waterpoint when we arrived. It was annoying as the boater wasn’t filling with water, he was busy eating a sandwich (probably waiting for his wife to return from Tesco), and couldn’t have cared less where he was moored.

At Norwood top lock our water tank was brimmed, and when sanny/rubbish duties were completed, we entered the prepared lock. There were two very nice lockies on duty, and they couldn’t have been more helpful. We locked ourselves through the bottom Norwood lock, as it was lunch time for lockies!

Tomorrow we’re heading down the six Hanwell Locks, and I understand they’ll be volunteer lockies on duty! We’ll also phone the lockey at Teddington Lock, asking when is the best time (tide-wise) to go through the lock.

I’m pleasantly surprised at how lovely this area is, we imagined it would be built up, and surround with grime. It’s lovely to be surprised!

Today we’ve travelled 7.5 miles, and through 2 locks.

2 thoughts on “Almost At The Grand Union’s End

  1. The Lockies on Hanwell are very helpful. But you most probably know that by now. When you get to the bottom lock beware of the silt build up coming in from the right where the River Brent joins the canal. We got stuck there the first time we did it. If you moor just a short distance on we can recommend The Fox pub, just a short walk away. Mick used to live virtually next door. Their food is good and so is the beer with a nice beer garden too.

    • Thanks for the heads up Pip. We’d loved to have stopped at the Fox, sitting in a pub garden in yesterday’s heat would have been bliss, but we couldn’t find a place to moor – it looked like most of the boaters were long term stayers. The silt does look to be a problem in this area though, and we hit the bottom a few times but managed to keep up momentum. We’re really surprised how tidal it is here. Jen

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