Annes Bridge (#157), Trent and Mersey Canal

We set out this morning with a vague plan to moor just above Kings Lock (#71), on the Trent and Mersey, enabling us to visit the chandlers, and enjoy a fish ‘n’ chip supper from the local chippy.

To get to our ‘planned’ mooring, we had to go down the last two locks on the Middlewich Branch of the Shroppie, and one lock ‘going up’ on the Trent and Mersey.

Our first lock of the day!

Last night while reading another boater’s blog, NB Seyella, we noticed we were following in the wake of Mags and Geoff’s Seyella. I left a comment on their blog saying if they saw a couple waving at them as we passed, it would probably be us. Although we hadn’t met, their blog was one of several we have been following for over four years, it’s been a great inspiration to us living our ‘alternative’ life on board Cyan.

We were delighted to bump into them at Middlewich Junction, where we stopped for a lovely chat for half an hour. It was great to say ‘thank you’ in person for their blog. Such nice people, and no doubt we’ll be bumping into them from time to time.

Seyella continued ‘North’ on the Trent and Mersey, while we went ‘South’.

At the top of Kings Lock we noticed the mooring rings were  too far apart for Cyan, with no hope of putting in pins, or mooring with a chain, so we thought we’d cruise on thinking they’d be a more suitable mooring relatively near. Though first, John visited the chandler, and popped into the chippy, while I temporarily held onto Cyan at the lock landing.

As soon as John returned, I popped the chips into a warm oven, for what I thought would be a short time. Unfortunately, we had to go up 4 locks, and cruise 3 miles, before we came across a suitable mooring. The fish and chips were tasty, and enjoyable, but they weren’t at their best. Still, on the bright side; we’ve 45 mg of WiFi, and great digital TV reception.

Here’s a few snaps we took today:

A lovely traditional canal side cottage, with the door beautifully decorated with ‘Castles and Roses’ artwork.

I’m so loving the amazing variety of spring flowers growing along the towpaths.

Originally this building was a stables for canal horses to rest and be changed. It’s now been sympathetically converted into a lovely home.

My  camera just isn’t good enough to pick up the beautiful vista, it’s glorious and shows just how high up the canal is.

While we were on the Llangollen, and the Montgomery Canals, we hardly saw a swan, despite the canals being surrounded with conservation areas. We couldn’t believe our eyes seeing this ‘Lamentation’ of over 20 swans. Couldn’t help but wonder what the swan convention was all about?

Today we did 9 miles and 7 Locks, and moored up with 45 mg  of WiFi.

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    • Thanks Geoff, we really enjoyed our all too short meeting, and let’s hope that soon we can get together again for a proper chat. We’ll be following you both on Seyella, and if we’re in the vicinity, we’ll catch you up. Have a good summer, and will catch you soon! Jen and John

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