April Showers In August?

What’s up with the weather?

I’ve just snapped as best I could, a really heavy downpour while I’m about to start this post. What’s strange is that the sun is shining too. Just like April showers. We’ve also had hailstones and strong gusts of wind. It’s been like this for days!

We’ve been moored at Reedley Marina since Thursday. Having hired a car over the weekend to attend a family celebration in Suffolk.

The Marina is situated at the bottom of Pendle Hill, and we can vouch for friendliness of the ‘natives’. As seen from the picture below, the Marina’s restaurant/bar overlooks the Marina.

During the day we hardly got to see any of the half dozen or so swans, and even more ducks, that ‘live’ in the Marina. But when it got dark, the swans and ducks appeared. They could be seen bobbing in the water with their head tucked under their wings, asleep. It’s quite comical how they take up their positions every night, away from predators, ¬†yet they disappear during daylight.

A sad thing about the Marina is that there’s a lack of songbirds in the vicinity. This is probably due to many boaters who’ve cats for pets. We know there’s quite a few as Rusty’s made it his business to ‘assess’ the ‘enemy’. I just wish he could make friends with cats, it would make life so much easier for us all.

This morning, after preparing Cyan for cruising, we said ‘so long’ to quite of few of the long-term residents we’ve befriended. In the future, if we’re down/up this way again, I’m sure we’ll spend time again at Reedley Marina.

We’ve had no locks, or swing-bridges to manoeuvre today, but we have had Gannow Tunnel to pass through. Think this is the last tunnel for us on the Leeds to Liverpool Canal. Our biggest problem with today’s cruise was dodging the rain that’s threatened us all morning.

We headed away from Pendle Hill, which didn’t look too happy:

And we headed towards what we hoped was a little sunshine:

There has been some pleasant sunny moments as we passed through Burnley:

The ominous clouds soaked us a few times, but not excessively thank goodness.

At one point on the canal we saw a lot of feathers floating in the water, and wondered if a fox had managed to ‘bag’ a duck or a goose. It wasn’t till we rounded the bend, we discovered the area was a ‘preening station’ for geese.

This is the entrance to Gannow Tunnel. The tunnel is 511m long, and took 5 years to build. There’s no pathway for the horse to pull a barge through the tunnel; barges had to be ‘legged’ through, while the horses were lead over the top.

Poor Rusty, he really doesn’t like tunnels, he ‘shook’ all the way through, I know because I was tightly cuddling him.

This is the ‘other end’!

I discovered this old picture on the C&RT website, I’ve no idea how old it is. It’s a picture of ‘boys, being boys’ at one end of the tunnel!

Gliding over the Calder Valley Motorway, the M65. It follows the canal all the way from Burnley to Blackburn.

We’re still relatively high up here on the Burnley Embankment, cruising Cyan above the rooftops of houses.

The canal overlooks Burnley’s bus station.

We passed by ‘The Inn On The Wharf’, thinking how the wet weather must be having an effect on businesses in the area.

This area is also known as ‘The Weaver’s Triangle’, which is a Heritage Centre see more.

The biggest plant pot in Lancashire!

Another piece of ‘canal history’ going the way of the wind!

Tomorrow we’ve 3 swing-bridges to pass through – hope we can remember how it’s done! We’ve a plan to moor just before the six Blackburn locks, but that’s Thursday’s activity.

Today we’ve cruised over 7 miles, and passed through Gannow Tunnel. We’re moored on Hepton Visitor Mooring overlooking the Lancashire Moors, with 20Mg of WiFi, and a very good digital TV signal.

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