Back At Great Haywood Marina

Arriving at Great Haywood Marina on Wednesday 15th, we topped up the fuel tank with 40 litres of diesel, and booked in for a week’s mooring.

We took the opportunity while we still had the car to do some shopping.  Plus the staff in the Marina’s office are very obliging for us to order items to be delivered to their office.  Therefore we took the opportunity to do a bit of internet shopping for a new 12v TV, a digital TV antennae, a square satellite dish, and lots of goodies from Sports Direct and M&S.

On the 21st March, our Spanish car was picked up for transportation back to Spain.

It was rather a sad time in some ways, as it was the last ‘umbilical cord’ of us being tethered to the ‘shore’. We’re now completely free, and the first time both of us could remember where we were car less.  It’s a huge relief really as it was a worry, and John was becoming more intolerant of those who like to tailgate other road users.  We’ll miss the car, though hiring a car, if and when we need it, would probably turn out cheaper.

Boy has it rained all week. We’ve had a deluge of water.  Somehow comforted we have a boat!

On 21st March Tesco delivered the biggest order I’ve ever compiled.  Surprisingly all managed to be stored away.

Tomorrow we move out of the Marina, fully loaded and organised for worry free cruising.


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