Back On Familiar Territory

We thought it strange when 3 boats passed us about 7:00 a.m. this morning. It became obvious why during today’s journey.

After John had dropped off the spent oil at the Middlewich Household Waste Centre, and had been down the weed hatch to remove a plastic bag that had wound itself around the prop., we left our mooring about 10:00 a.m., which was the other side of the Croxton Aqueduct see pic below.

We climbed 4 locks on the T&M, two of which had a lockie helping, before our turning right onto the Middlewich Canal, where we climbed 2 more locks. Due to the congestion at the locks, we realised the ‘early bird’ boaters had been very clever.

We’d barely manoeuvred out of Middlewich Big Lock #75, when we were asked for a tow by the crew of a boat, the boat’s gearbox had failed and they were stranded. They wanted a tow up to Middlewich Bottom Lock #74, and from there they’d be able to pull their stricken boat to the boat yard at Kings Lock. We’d never towed a boat before, but we must have done OK, as we arrived all in once piece.

Coming down the locks was a ‘single handed’ hire boat, one of his party had become ill, and had been taken to hospital by ambulance, his other party member had gone with them. He was in a bit of a state, no doubt he couldn’t concentrate very well.

Sailing out of Middlewich Top Lock #74, the queue of boats to go down the flight was ridiculous.

At Middlewich Junction it was our turn to wait in a ‘bottle neck’! There were four boats ahead of us to climb the first 2 locks on the Middlewich Branch of the Shroppie.

While waiting what can you do except have a nosy around, taking pictures of rusty and stone trains, and wooden owl carvings.

It looks like there’s a market for wood carvers to make sculptures out of tree trunks.

We’re now moored for the day at a lovely spot, high above a gorgeous valley with total peace!

The spot is just after Lea Hall Bridge #22, on the Clive Green Visitor Moorings.

We’re now just over 4 miles away from our destination, at Aqueduct Marina. We need to speak to the management there as Cyan needs some attention.

Today we’ve cruised 4 miles, and worked through 6 locks. WiFi is around 30 Mg, Digital TV is not good.

Our start postcode: CW10 9JH

Our moored postcode: CW10 0LL

4 thoughts on “Back On Familiar Territory

  1. We had moored above Big Lock on Wednesday and set off at 7:45 Thursday. By the time we were in the second Lock there were already 2 boats behind us. One was probably a boat that passed you.
    Good to be first until we couldn’t get out of the Lock as the pound was low and we had to run water down.
    2 to 3 hours to do the 3 locks seems quite common.
    We were still through Wardle Lock before 9am thanks to help from a boat that came down and then turned round.
    We then had clear water in front and behind until we stopped near Aqueduct.
    Now near Beeston locks for a few days break.

    • Canal didn’t appear to have been low on water when we went through thank goodness. Boaters said it was a common bottleneck, quite a few were cursing. You must be on your way to Chester? Think we’ll be heading that way in a week or so. Cyan comes out of the water on Tuesday for blacking, and that will take a week. Will look out for you coming back?

  2. Been right through to Ellesmere Port and moored at the Waterways museum. Now back in Chester and en-route to the Llangollen. Just about to bring up the 1000 mile for this year.
    Congratulations on your first birthday. It’s our 3rd in a couple of weeks.
    Hope all the repairs go well.

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