Back To Square One

Gosh it was a cold morning we woke up to. Our diesel boiler had to be ignited to warm us all up.

At around 11:00 a.m. with a blustery wind blowing we set off for Braunston, and  moored outside The Boat PH.

We could hardly believe how ’empty’ Braunston is. Perhaps everyone has gone to Crick?

Cyan was locked up securely while we walked up the hill to Braunston High Street with ‘the granny shopper’. We’ve still got loads of meat in the freezer, so we didn’t want much from the butcher except some rather nice plump pork sausages, and fresh free range eggs. At the convenience store, just across the road, we picked up quite a few provisions, including delicious English strawberries, and other fresh fruit and vegetables. Hopefully this will keep us going until we can go shopping with the hire car, we hope to get in a few days time.

After lunch we visited the Boat House PH, rude not to really, and sat out on the sunny terrace with our lunch and drinks. How changeable is this weather!

So, we’re now ‘treading water’ until the licence arrives.

We’ve managed to catch up on our diary, while listening to the beautiful evening practice bell ringing from Braunston Church, bliss!

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