Back Tracking Over The Aqueduct

What happened to the weather this morning?  Leaving our mooring at Llangollen Basin it felt very chilly. We thought we’d travel early as there’d be less boats to meet coming up into Llangollen, as we cruised down. There are several places, and two in particular, where the canal is so narrow that boats cannot pass each other.

The ‘Canal Authority’ recommends that one of the ‘crew’ is sent on in front to warn/stop other boats entering the ‘narrows’.  Rusty and I set off along the towpath ahead of John and Cyan, we had about a mile of walking to do.  John and I really should get our ‘act together’ as he was trying to keep me in sight, and I was on a mission trying to get ahead in front to see if anything was coming around bends.  I nearly keeled over through exhaustion.

Another cute brood of ducklings.  They were happily bobbing up and down in the water, just like corks, until we came close.  Then mother duck frantically gathered together her ducklings until we passed.  Boaters can be such a pain!

Here’s a few pics taken going back over the Aqueduct.  Pics taken by a very nervous ‘snapper’.



It’s a relief getting to the other side.  Notice the pedestrians holding onto the railing like grim death as they walked over the Aqueduct.

We noticed this bridge on our journey, it’s ancient as you can see because of the worn stone.  We’re wondering if this is a ‘turn around’ bridge for the horses?

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