Bleeding Air from the Swim Tank

Lovely sunny pastoral day moored up in the Bank Holiday sunshine and my mind wandered back to an article in the C&RT newsletter,

‘Bleeding the Swim Tank’. Made me think about the engine smelling warm when pushing upstream, we even put the salon heater water pump on during the last cruise to increase the cooling capacity of the system. Worth investigating, so after breakfast I went ‘down the engine ‘ole to check it out.

Followed the instructions contained in the C&RT article, eventually found the ‘bleed screw’ and released it. No sound of escaping air or signs of coolant escaping. Tried to introduce water into the bleed hole without much success so I refitted the plug. Hmmm, not truely satisfied I sat and thought about what was happening, then the lightbulb moment arrived. Release the coolant filler cap and try again. This time when removing the bleed screw the sound of air was heard escaping, lot’s of it! Eventually coolant began to escape but not before the coolant tank had be replenished with 2 litres of water!…….Bleed Screw replaced, job done.

Will now add this item to the other routine maintenance tasks aboard Cyan.


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