Bright, Breezy, And Wet!

We were in two minds whether to sit the day out on our mooring, or brave the windy/wet/bright day! Eventually we decided to aim for ‘Long Molls Bridge’ (#76), just over 4 miles away.  We were encouraged by other ‘brave’ boaters passing us by.

We’ve had bright sunshine, heavy squally showers, and gusts of wind. The wind made cruising this winding stretch interesting to say the least. We also couldn’t fathom what weather was in front of us, a blue sky, or a threatening cloud due to us continually changing directions.

Cruising along we could see there were lots of signs that Autumn was now upon us.


The locals appear to be a ‘friendly’ lot. “PLEASE PASS AT TICK OVER OR MY WIFE WILL TURN YOU INTO A FROG”!

Tomorrow, as far as the forecasters can tell, looks to be a good day. We’ve a plan to start our day early, going through 12 locks, starting with Gailey Top Lock, and ending with Tixell Lock, mooring at Tixell Wide, some 13.5 miles! If we don’t make our target, no problem, but it might be fun trying!

Today we’ve travelled 4 miles, no locks, WiFi is over 30 Mg, digital TV is good. Our postcode is WV10 7DU.

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