Bright January Day, And The Birds Are Singing!

We’d moored for the night at the other side of the bridge from the CRT Yard at Hartshill. At 10:40 am we pulled Cyan back through the bridge and mooring on the wharf, to wait for an arranged 11:00 am Tesco delivery. It’s a perfect spot for a delivery as just beyond the hedge on the left, is a public car park, it’s an easy delivery for the driver. There’s something really cool about having a Tesco delivery popped through Cyan’s side hatch, and straight into the galley.

While waiting for the delivery, I was fascinated watching a cheeky robin. He closely inspected Cyan, which was obviously an ‘intruder’ on his patch. He hopped up and down the length of Cyan, then he hopped onto the roof, then he hopped onto the chimney cowl for several seconds. I was just about to shoo him off, just in case he burnt himself because the fire was lit, when he flew off. He’d spotted John looking down the lane on look-out for a Tesco home delivery van. The robin landed a couple of feet from John, hopping around him, like he was studying him. What characters these funny robins are.

As soon as the delivery was ‘shoe horned’ into Cyan, John untied Cyan’s mooring ropes and cruised a little distance to the turning hole at Mancetter, famous for reputedly being the site of Queen Boudicca’s last stand against the Romans. After Cyan was turned around, we came back to the yard (obviously on the other side of the canal), and moored up for a short time at the water point. We know the water has a good flow here, rather than filling at the slow flow at Hawkesbury. We’ve also got to consider that if the weather freezes again, perhaps the tap at the next water point might be frozen.

For the most part the weather has been brilliant today, and it was a joy to cruise while listening the birds singing. They were obviously enjoying the sun too.

The surrounding area next to Star Cruisers looks to be changing fast. It looks highly probable a housing development is being built.

Where have all the boats come from? Those four boats weren’t moored by the bridge near Springwood Haven Marina on Tuesday morning – there’s hardly been movement on the canal. One of the boaters had his garden chair out on the towpath, and was sprawled almost horizontal as he and his dog enjoyed the warmth of the sun, with a beer.

From what I’ve read from several comments, the area of the Coventry that passes through Nuneaton is renown as NOT being a ‘thing’ of beauty. The pollution is pretty harsh.

We cruised past this scum of oil/diesel/whatever. It’s pretty horrendous, and such a terrible shame for the local wildlife.

In the pic below, you can just about see the oily film on the murky water. The water should be bright and shiny.

(Not connected to the above!) We passed the ‘Oil Boat’; the trader sells engine oil (for about) £65 for 25 litres of 15W40 oil. Works out as £13 for a 5 litres. We’ve just paid £25.75 for 5 litres at Springwood Haven Marina! At the motor factors before Christmas, John paid £15 for 5 litres. Plus the ‘Oil Boat’ will take your used oil (free) if you buy (fresh) oil from him. That sounds like a good deal!

Tonight we’re moored by Hawkesbury Junction, and we’re on our way to Rugby for a few days. Looking forward to meeting family in Rugby next week.

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