Catching Up In The Heat

We’ve been very lax with keeping up our diary this past fortnight. My excuse is that it’s been rather hot, and that we’ve not really travelled much over the past week, so there’s not been a lot to write about. Basically, we’ve been enjoying ourselves being very lazy, and enjoying the lovely weather.

On Saturday morning, 7th July we cruised into ‘River Island Marina’ on the River Lark (alongside Isleham Lock) for three nights. We’d booked a couple of tickets for the Corn Exchange in Cambridge, to see the Gypsy Kings, while we were moored at Abingdon on the Thames. This led us to a leisurely cruse down the Grand Union, onto the River Nene, the Middle Levels, onto the Great Ouse, and then onto the River Lark. Ann, John’s sister, very kindly offered to dog-sit Rusty, and to take us to the Corn Exchange. Think the River Island Marina was the nearest point we could get to Bury St. Edmunds where Ann Lives. We had a brilliant time, and the Gypsy Kings didn’t disappoint. (Thank you Ann x).

There’s a rather special farm butcher’s shop within easy walking distance of the marina. All their meat is home grown on the farm. Afraid I bought quite a bit of meat, including some very tasty sausages. Trouble is, unless you’re in the marina, it would be a problem to visit the farm shop as there isn’t any moorings close by.

On Tuesday morning, after we’d filled Cyan’s water tank, finished sanny duties, and receiving a huge Tesco delivery, we left the marina. We were slightly at a loss as we now don’t have an ‘aim’, nor any time restraint, we’re cut loose!

Leaving the River Lark

Back onto the Great Ouse, after leaving the River Lark

Tuesday and Wednesday night saw us mooring at Ely. It’s a lovely place, with a bit of buzz about it.

We had a lovely surprise while we were there, Christine and Mike from NB Alchemy knocked on our cabin. Thank you both for coming to see us 🙂 . We had a lovely chat, Christine and Mike know a lot about the Ouse, and they tempted us to sail further on towards St Neots and possibly Bedford. We’d been toying with turning around, and ambling our way back onto the canal system; thinking we’d arrive back on the network sometime early September.

Ely’s Civic pride – hope the gorgeous displays cope with the heat and (possibly) lack of water

Leaving our mooring at Ely

Ely Southern Bypass – under construction. Flags of St. George flying high and proud in support of England’s World Cup attempt.

Passing Soham Lode

We were still unsure whether to turn right at Popes Corner, or turn right around. I persuaded John to turn around, and to let’s think about where we want to go over the weekend.

Popes Corner where we did a ‘U’ turn.

Nearby to Popes Cornere there’s an EA 48 hour mooring, this turned out to be our ‘home’ for the next 2 nights.

It must be lovely to cool your feet

Monday morning saw us making our way into Ely again, this time with a plan to order a small, round, cast iron bbq from Ebay, to be delivered to Sainsburys where we could pick it up. We’d seen another boater with one similar, and it looked just perfect.

Ely Cathedral

Large and small boats

Ely moorings, next to the Cutter’s Inn

My ‘point and snap’ digital camera has been playing up for months, charging the battery had become a bit of ‘hit and miss’ exercise. While we were moored in Ely, my lovely husband bought me an early birthday present; a super duper Sony 64x zoom camera. It’s got lots of ‘stops and whistles’ to ‘experiment’ with, and I’m pretty sure it wont be long before taking a few pics will become ‘easy’.

Wednesday morning saw us sailing out of Ely once again, this time in the direction of the River Lark. We moored at the Diamond Moorings just before the Lark, killing time and playing with my new camera, until we’re called to collect the bbq.

Trolling? In this situation, trolling means ‘trolling for fish’ using nets, or with multiple fishing rods

Tonight we’re moored by the ‘Swan on the River’ pub at Littleport. We’ve received an email from Ebay saying the bbq has arrived, and is ready to pick up.  We plan to return to Ely tomorrow morning to pick up the bbq, buy some bbq briquettes, fresh salad and veg, and top up with some alcohol at Sainsburys. I’ve also a mind to visit the sewing shop (as per Google maps) to buy some voile to make fly screens for the hatch and the doors at the bow. The flies, and mosquitos have been a pain over the past few weeks.

After water and sanny duties once again carried out, we’ll be on our way to visit St Neots, and perhaps Bedford.

This is a new journey of 224 miles, and 94 locks, before our return to Braunston.

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  1. You should enjoy travelling further up River. After Pope’s Corner it becomes a completely different River to the wide straight open sections you have been on so far. Glad you decided to continue exploring.

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