Celebrating our First Anniversary; One Year Afloat!

On Friday we left our overnight mooring on ‘Clive Green Visitor Mooring (West)’ to a promising ‘Summer’s Day’.

Leaving behind a boat of holiday makers who were moored after us ‘fender to fender’. Grandparents, parents, and a couple of children were having a great time.

The smell of freshly cut grass is a joy to me, not so for John though as he had a sneezing fit that went on for hours.

The ‘smell’ released from the grass is apparently a ‘signal’ to bug eating insects, that the grass is being killed by bugs eating it. The grass wants the bug eaters, to help it survive ‘the attack’. The smell producing chemical released by the grass is the same chemical dead humans give off when they die. Police dogs are trained to track this chemical/smell when they’re searching for a body. It’s amazing what you can pick up from the Internet, whatever did we do before the ‘Information Highway’? (I’m hoping over time I can forget this bit of information!) (“So am I”, John’s comment!)

If there’s ever a building that needs an award for being sympathetically converted, it’s the ‘Weaverbank Stables’. In days long gone by, this is where horses that pulled canal barges were exchanged and rested.  The stables are now a beautiful home, without it’s original character hardly changing.

After a pleasant journey we’ve now arrived at our destination, Aqueduct Marina. Cyan is being pulled out of the water on Tuesday. The rudder has become loose, and getting gradually more loose since Cyan’s punishing journey through the Huddersfield Narrows. There’s also a nick out of the propeller which will also need repairing. While she’s out of the water she’ll get her ‘bottom blacked’ after having the area pressure washed and descaled.

Today is our anniversary, we purchased Cyan on 27th August 2016, and cruised her on our first journey, some 70 miles and 35 locks from Longport Wharf (Trent & Mersey) to Hinckley Marina (on the Ashby). We’d never really had the helm of a narrowboat before, except for 2 days essential training with Willow Wren. Since then, Cyan has been our home.

I’ve a feeling celebrations are in order today!

Cheers everyone, especially the helpful boaters who’ve taken time and trouble offering their advice to a couple of novices, saving us time, effort and money over the last year. Here’s hoping we can be as helpful to other novices during our next several years afloat.

For friends who’d like to ask us: “Do we regret selling our ‘place in the sun’ for a narrowboat on the Inland Waterways of the UK? The answer has to be from us both, “Not for one moment!”

In our first year, we calculated to have cruised 756 miles (at less than 3 miles per hour), and worked an amazing 562 locks, and countless swing/lift bridges. Think it’s about time we started to cruising canals that have less locks!

We’ve gone as far West to Llangollen Basin, and our most Northern point was Skipton.

Don’t think anyone can say we’ve not ’embraced’ our new way life afloat – well not for a couple of ‘wrinklies’!

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