Chilly Damp Day

It was a chilly and damp when we set off this morning. Before we left, the stove was glowing red keeping the boat nice and warm.

‘Wee Willie Winky’ used to stand at one end of the Armitage ‘Tunnel’, he looks now to have been spruced up and has moved. He now stands in front of Spode house.

We stopped near Bridge 66, a well know spot to moor for the shops. We’re in need of a new frying pan, so I thought a quick trip Tesco would solve my problem. Unfortunately, it was the ‘wrong sort’ of Tesco, they sold everything else except a household section.

No big deal about having a new frying pan, as in a couple of weeks we’re planning to hire a car for a few days, a good shopping trip is such an overdue treat.

Another reason for mooring near to Tesco is the quality of the WiFi signal. Essential for accessing Sky Sports’ coverage of a rather important premier League match taking place in Manchester tonight! Retail therapy is important, but……….:) (John)

Today we’ve travelled 3.5 miles.

4 thoughts on “Chilly Damp Day

    • Thanks Brian, I thought it was something like that! Did his previous owner carve him? I presume he is made of wood, I’ve never seen him close.



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