Clear Water Cruising

We travelled for around 6 hours in glorious sunshine, and never got bored once!


There’s such a lot that catches the eye, millions of Banded Demoiselle flies are fluttering over vegetation that is emerging to the surface of the water.

As these Banded Demoiselle flies are very sensitive to pollution, they’re a good indicator of how clean the waters of  the River Nene are.


Could the Nene be anymore beautiful than in this picture?

Preening station in Wellingborough

We had hoped to moor at Wellingborough, but that wasn’t to be.

‘The River Nene’ guide book mentions stones have been placed by the Embankment to stabilise the walls….and prevent any mooring!

Looks like a new bridge is still ‘under wraps’….

We moored on a ‘Friends of the River Nene’ mooring, just past Ditchford Railway Bridge. We could see the bridge/s clearly from where we were moored. Obviously work is being carried out during the night as the workmen arrived, turning on their JCB diggers, and other heavy machinery at around 8:00 pm. We’re too far away for the workmen to bother us. The only sounds coming from the Water Skiing Lake behind us.

As the World Cup starts Thursday, and it’s the’LeMans24′ Hour Race (where John’s been known to watch every minute of the coverage) this weekend, we’ll need a reasonable spot to moor for a long weekend. We’ve made a plan to visit Oundle Marina for a few days – but first we’ve to travel 18 miles to get there!

Today we’ve travelled 8.25 miles, and 7 locks.

4 thoughts on “Clear Water Cruising

    • Thanks Carole, that’s a brilliant link. Think Sue is the ultimate guru for the Nene. Will need to study the link, and the comments on the webpage and makes notes. Also thank you for your suggestions to visit, again, notes taken 🙂 Jen

  1. We moored on a meadow on the far side of Oundle which was a pleasant spot and an easy walk in to the town. Oundle is well worth a visit.
    If you go for the marina the entrance is very narrow and easy to miss. When we passed I thought that it couldn’t possibly be the entrance, until we realised that there was nothing else.

    • Thanks for the tip Steve, for some reason it looks like marinas don’t go in for signs on the Nene 🙂 . We looked on Google maps and can see the entrance, though in ‘real life’ the area often looks so different when we get there. Thanks again for your help, we really appreciate it. Jen

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