Cold Weather, But We’re Cosy

The weather’s been gorgeous since we moored, although of course it’s so cold! We’re nice and cosy inside Cyan, and with the sun shining through the windows; Cyan’s got her own personal ‘greenhouse effect’!

Yesterday, late afternoon, we were just about starting to think this ‘Beast from the East’ was a load of hype dreamt up by newspapers; after all it is February, and it’s still winter! Then the snow started rather suddenly, with large snowflakes floating down…

This morning we woke to a pretty landscape – freezing but beautiful.

Our feet are getting a bit itchy, and our ‘eyes’ are on Sunday. Presently the met office website is predicting the temperature to rise to 6C! Hopefully this will turn into a ‘big thaw’.

Yesterday I did follow the Grand Union via Google Maps, and it looks like in front of us there’s a place where we can wind (turn) at Grove Lock Arm (before the lock). It might be worth winding there, returning to the sanny station, and then back to Tesco. We can then prepare Cyan for our next couple weeks of cruising. (At the sanny station there’s also a winding place.)

We’re recognising we’ve got a problem with our batteries as they appear to run down rather quickly. We had 4 new batteries installed in October 2016. A problem developed with the batteries about 6 weeks later, resulting in replacement new batteries. We’re presently at the investigative stage, although we’re resigned to the fact we’ll have to replace them as soon as convenient. The batteries did have a 2 year guarantee – as to what exactly this entails, I guess we’re about to find out.

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