Complaints To The Headmaster!

The weather is the topic of many conversations. The Met Office was correct, there really is a ‘Beast’!

We hear Jules Fuels are stuck in the ice just behind us, on the Tesco Shopping moorings, which will come very handy (for us) if we’re here much longer. We might toddle down with a trolley to pick up some more wood from them.

Tomorrow we’ve more or less got to pass Jules Fuels on the way to the post office. Ann, John’s sister has sent our new bank cards ‘Post Restante’ to Leighton Buzzard’s post office for us to collect. She went to post them yesterday, but unfortunately the post office in Suffolk where Ann lives, said their delivery van couldn’t get through because of the weather. We’ve got our fingers crossed they’ll make it.

Every now and again we get a flurry of fine snow, it’s so fine it’s managed to get under the canvas of the hood at the stern. The flurries are being blown into small drifts. Hope that’s all they’ll be ‘small’! We’re waiting to see what happens later as we’ve a yellow alert for snow and ice up to midnight.

Across the way from where we’re moored is a jetty for the local canoe club. It’s also on the way to the local school, and the canal is a ‘draw’ to pupils. The other morning, some kids were inquisitive about the ice, and they started to smash it with sticks. The noise was horrendous in the boat through vibrations; Rusty was going berserk thinking we were under attack! 🙂 After a few minutes of this, the kiddies were getting more and more boisterous, so I knocked on the window to get their attention, and asked them (as pleasantly as we could) to stop. Since then, Cyan has been pelted with snowballs and sticks while the kids were going too and from school.

The first day the kids started pelting Cyan, we got the mobile phone, as if to take their pictures. The abuse that came back went something like “Stop taking our pictures you pervert!” The little blighters!

This morning it came to a head as there were about a group of 10 kids messing about, I just about managed to take a picture of one of them as he was running away (he’s about 14-16 years old). As soon as he saw me with my camera through the window he tried to hide his face.

The picture wasn’t great, but I’m sure the lad can easily be identified by his sports bag, trainers and gloves. It was easy to find the school via Google Maps, and a quick letter of complaint, together with a copy of the image was sent to the headmaster. I had planned to write to the headmaster in any case, asking him to warn his pupils of the danger of frozen canals.

We’ve seen some sights while we’ve been moored here, regarding what these kids have been getting up too. This morning one of them was trying to stand up on the ice, trying to decide if the ice would support his weight, with one hand on the jetty amongst the ice and snow – he saw us looking through the window at him, and he moved on. Earlier another kid (innocently) threw a stick onto the ice, unfortunately a woman who was walking her dog on the other side (the towpath side), the dog decided to run after the stick: splosh… the dog was under the ice. Luckily the woman had the dog on an extended lead, therefore she was able to drag the dog out.

Trouble is, if a child does go into the water, another child might jump in to assist, with the result that both kid’s lives are in danger. Think it was yesterday a man drowned trying to save his dog that had fallen in a frozen lake.  Anyway, I got a very positive reply from the Head:

Dear Mrs Massey

I am really sorry about this.  I have emailed parents and sent a note to all lessons.

I will also do my best to identify the student in the photo. If you wanted to come in and look at photos you would be most welcome as I don’t want this sort of unpleasant behaviour.

Best wishes

I replied thanking him, and said I’ll just keep my camera close 🙂 .

The RNLI in an article said that only 3% of people would know what to do if they fell into frozen water. I found this webpage which we’ll be studying.

Cyan looking very cold and lonely!

On Rusty’s walk last evening.

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