Continuing On The East (Yorkshire) Side Of The Huddersfield Narrow

Before we set off we had concerns regarding water levels.  John returned from walking Rusty to say the lock pound after Lock #41E looked empty, a boat going down appeared to be stuck on the bottom. Another boat attempting to come up the lock, appeared to be struggling due to the low water level too.

We phoned C&RT for advice, asking should we let water down from Lock #42E? The C&RT asked us to wait, and that help was on its way.  It appears the water in the first several locks are finely ‘balanced’! There are notices on lock beams asking if boats are going down, ‘fill up the next lock before opening paddles draining the lock containing your boat’. It appears there’s a risk of flooding gardens if too much water is let down and not allowed to fill the lower chamber.

The C&RT team arrived promptly, and were really helpful, offering assistance to get us down the first 4 locks. Big thankyou to all the team.

Before the C&RT men appeared, we had a lovely chat with the crew of NB Cygnet, Debbie and Jim. This was the boat coming up the locks, and they moored behind us. Strangely enough, they had read this website of our ‘adventures’ from the ‘other’ West side of Standedge Tunnel, a direction they were heading.

Debbie and Jim also gave us a fantastic tool we’ll need for locks on the Calder and Hebble; our next canal! To buy this tool, it costs £15 at a chandlers! Jim, instead of buying it, made his own tool, which looks very much like a length of 2 by 4 wood!  Thanks Jim, we’d have been really stuck and at the mercy of the sales pitch on the navigation.

After several rainy days, it was brilliant to be cruising with the sun on our faces.

Cameras never do justice to glorious views.

I did the first five locks of the day, and John did our last five.

I just love how nature fills these barren areas.

Our mooring for the night, just at the bottom of Pig Tail Lock #32.

Right ‘next door’ to our mooring is Sparth Reservoir.  People wearing wet-suits were busy this afternoon, kids included, swimming in the reservoir.

Today we’ve done 10 locks, cruised just over one mile, and moored with great digital TV, and WiFi over 30 Mg.

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