Cyan Comes Out Of The Water

We’re in Aqueduct Marina on the Middlewich, where yesterday Cyan came out of the water to have the top and bottom bearing replaced on the rudder. While she’s out, we’ll take advantage to have her bottom hull blacked, as it’s costly to have her hauled out of the water.

It looks a bit like Cyan’s in shark infested waters, as she’s steered onto the submerged cradle.

Once secured onto the cradle she’s pulled out of the water.

At this point I was worried about a cup of coffee I’d made just before the Marina’s staff came to start the manoeuvres. I remember I’d only taken a sip out of the cup, before putting it down when the men arrived. I couldn’t remember where I’d left it. The worse scenario was that I’d left it on the table where our laptops were, and that the cup had toppled over, spilling coffee onto the keyboards! Later I was amazed to find the cup still full of coffee on the sink drainer, still in tact, and with no spillage.

The pic shows the ‘mystery’ of the prop and rudder revealed.

Nick gave Cyan a power wash, before placing her on stands, on an area of land.

While she’s out of water, and waiting for the 2 coats of blacking to dry, we’ve got no end of work planned. My ambition for the week is to completely repaint inside the bow/well deck, the stern, and the stern bands of red and cream.

A few months ago, the blue ‘clip together’ plastic matting was lifted from the floor in the front deck, it revealed the plastic ‘feet’ of the matting had broken through the paintwork, resulting in corrosion and rusty areas.

While John worked outside prepping the gunwale, sanding problem areas ready for painting with ‘Andy Russell Gunwale Paint’, I spent a couple of hours yesterday sanding, and treating the rust areas in the well deck with ‘Hydrate 80’. [Note to self: The result is impressive, worth using the Hydrate on other areas.]

The area will then be primed and painted. We’ve also bought some new rubber flooring today.

We might lay the blue plastic tiles on top of the new rubber flooring – depends….

We had a glorious sunset last night! Though our ‘neighbour’ has seen a lot better days!

WiFi is 9Mg, digital TV is good.

2 thoughts on “Cyan Comes Out Of The Water

  1. Hi guys, nice to meet you both and was great to have a chat with your stunning big doggy!, thanks for the Tea and offer of biscuits!, should get the port side prepped and blacked tomorrow,

    Great blog by the way and I’ll definitely be reading it tonight whilst I sip beer!

    See you in the morning

    (Aka blacking guy )

    • So far so good Nik, Rusty and I checked your work this evening, he was checking for drugs, cats and PAINT ROLLERS!
      No problem, but he may want a word tomorrow (LOL)

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