Cyan’s Completely ‘Full-Filled’!

Tuesday was another wet day where we decided to stay attached to the bank. In stark contrast, yesterday the weather gods bestowed on us a glorious boating day! The ‘Gongoozlers’ were out in force, also it seemed enjoying a ‘glorious boating day’ except without a boat (been ‘there’ as Gongoozlers).

We set off early around 8:00 am, the sun had been shining since daybreak, and we eventually moored at 5:00 pm. We covered 10 GU locks; cruised 7.5 miles; brimmed the diesel tank with 95 litres of diesel, and bought 3 bags of coal from M & P Canal Carrying Co (salt of the earth these coal boat people); we called into a sanny for Elsan chores, filled the water tank, and dumped the rubbish; then we called at Frogmoor Wharf (Tesco’s wharf) to restock our provisions. I love days like this! At the end of the day we were happily tired, and felt we’d accomplished quite a bit.

After dinner, a drink, and an episode of ‘Vera’ on ITV3, there wasn’t much time to write a blog.

Our journey was really pleasant, all we met had bright smiles and wanted to chat. Surprising what ‘magic’ a little sunshine can do.

Grove Mill with it’s ‘feisty’ mill race

What a hard life we live….

A splendid Magnolia tree about to burst into bloom.

John worked all 10 locks today, a sure sign his ankle is on the mend.

The ‘first’ lock after visiting Tesco was ‘Stockers Lock’, the adjacent farm was the setting where ‘Black Beauty’ was filmed. Which has got us thinking if the canal featured in the film?

At Batchworth Lock there’s a canal ‘experience’ museum, their ‘star attraction’ is Roger an historical working boat.

Outside of Rickmansworth is a whole community of ‘house/boat’ dwellers.

A magnificent Pussy Willow in all its glory.

Plenty of humour on the canal.

Excited the willow leaves are about to ‘explode’ into life – wonder how long it will be before we start cursing them?

A brilliant use for a redundant mast.

Where we are moored

We’re moored just before Black Jack’s Lock.

We’re now 15 miles away from the end of the Grand Union at Brentford, and 20 miles away from Teddington Lock which will take us onto the ‘Mighty Thames’. Presently the Thames is on red, meaning:

River conditions

The river is flowing extremely fast and the majority of the weirs are fully open. Many of the tail lay-bys are underwater and completely inaccessible. Large items of debris are being carried by the strong stream. We strongly advise all boaters not to navigate in the current conditions.”

We don’t want to go too far into London while we wait for the Thames to ‘calm down’, as rumour has it the canal has quite a lot of debris above Hanwell locks. We’re in no rush, and being fully provisioned means we’ve got no worries. We’ll use the time to study our route on the Thames.

Today we’ve cruised 7.5 miles, and 10 locks.

3 thoughts on “Cyan’s Completely ‘Full-Filled’!

  1. A happy coincidence, we moored at Black Jacks this day last year. What a difference a year makes we were struggling with low water. Still had loads of debris above Hanwell locks though.
    Highly recommend doing the Wey and Godalming when you are on the Thames. Expensive for the permit but a lovely journey.
    Steve and Angela NB Tumbleweed

  2. A good place to top up your diesel tank is in Uxbridge, Denham Marina. Just below Uxbridge Lock turn in left. The cheapest diesel you are likely to see for a while. If you go there at a weekend there is likely to be a queue. You can also fill with water if you are topping up with diesel.
    The Old Orchard is worth a walk up the hill. We had a meal there for Mick’s birthday last year. The view is great, trees and water, you’d hardly imagine you were within the M25.
    Enjoy Pip

    • Thanks for the Old Orchard suggestion, we’ll be checking it out. We’re planning on calling in on the Marina. We’ve still got to fix John’s life jacket after I ‘exploded’ it, or we’ll be buying a new one. We’ll be sure to top up with diesel too, as I can imagine how expensive London prices are. Jen

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