Cyan’s Lost Her Bounce!

We’re not swaying anymore! Getting on and off Cyan doesn’t cause the ‘normal’ lilt. It’s like she’s out of water, and standing on bricks, similar as she was at the end of last summer when she was getting her ‘bottom’ blacked at Aqueduct Marina.

Some cupboards are not shutting properly, and the drawers within a kitchen unit have become ‘fierce’. If we don’t carefully shut them, they slam shut!

All this is caused because Cyan is firmly, and tightly, icebound! Before, when we’ve been frozen in, we’ve had a slight buffer of ‘melted ice’ (water of course 🙂 ) between the boat, and the ice. I expect the ice is now so thick, it’s really got a tight ‘grip’ on Cyan. One positive; when we had high winds last night, Cyan didn’t budge!

I’ve been concerned about the poor souls in fibreglass cruisers. I’ve heard the ice can crack them.

The pic below shows the rim of a tin can in the canal. I’ve been watching this tin can since ‘the freeze’ as a sort of reference point. When I first noticed it, the rim was a good two inches out of the ice. Over the past few days, snow has fallen, turned to slush, and then turned to ice (on top of the ice). At the time of writing, the can has completely disappeared. So I would imagine, the ice is about 5 or 6 inches deep presently – deeper and shallower in different areas of course.

We set out on our ‘trek’ to the post office in Leighton Buzzard to pick up some post. As we’d be passing C&RT rubbish bins, we managed to dispose of most of our rubbish.

On the way, and near the rubbish area, we were pleasantly surprised to find a part of the canal ‘liquid’. Ducks and Swans appeared to be sharing quite a small area of water.

Leighton Buzzard looked almost derelict, and I can’t blame anyone for not bothering to venture out. Though quite a lot of the shops were open. The pavements and roads were lethal, despite us both trying to safely ‘walk like penguins’! Rusty wasn’t very happy either, we had to stop several times to take miniature ‘snowballs’ from between his toes. It must have been painful.

Sadly though, the letter hadn’t arrived despite it being posted 1st class recorded delivery last Wednesday. We tried to phone the post office before we set off to ask if the letter had arrived, apparently it’s an impossible task these days to phone a post office. The post office clerk kindly took John’s phone number, and said she’d give him a call when the letter arrives. Not surprised the post is disrupted by Brexit the snowy blizzard!

By the time we returned to Cyan, our ‘bones’ were frozen!

Regarding having Cyan’s batteries replaced, the electrical engineer has pencilled us in for week beginning 12th March. We’ll order the batteries, and the engineer will install them. He’s also going to give our electric system a ‘once over’ with the view of making the system more efficient.

Forever being positive, it looks like ‘slightly’ warmer weather is on the way!

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