Cyan’s Twittering

Delighted to say Cyan’s now bouncing about in the water, it’s like she’s got her ‘soul’ back, being still and solid just didn’t feel right. The ice on the canal has melted quite a bit, but there’s still a lot of it around.

The boater in front, when he started his engine, clicked his engine into gear causing ice around his boat to move, and break up. We did the same, as it looked like a good idea.

Today, Cyan’s been given her own Twitter account, @NB_Cyan. That’s one lesson I’ve learnt while being marooned and icebound, is the fact we need to know what’s going on. By following others, and sharing information, hopefully we can keep abreast of news. 

I’ve spent quite a pleasant day ‘following’ different twitter accounts. There’s a lot of good information on Twitter for continuous cruisers, and canal enthusiasts.

I’ve also discovered some great pictures.

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