Down The Buckby Flight

We started today’s journey with the weather promising to be excellent, and it didn’t disappoint!

By the time we were ready to ‘roll’, two boats were spied exiting Buckby Top Lock. We quickly pushed Cyan off, and we were grateful to the two volunteer lockies who kept the gates open for us, and locked us down the lock.

This time going down the Buckby Locks we were on our own. Although we were lucky there were several boats coming up the locks, leaving a couple of locks ready for us. Yet there were a couple of locks that were empty, and had to be filled. In a couple of hours, Cyan was at the bottom of the 7 locks.

Leaving Buckby Bottom Lock

Sheep sheerers were very busy…… several bags full!

Come on then…. which one of you is called Shawn?

The bright sun shining on the canal’s water showed up a ‘film’ of pollen

A professional ‘fisher’! One of several we spotted today.

Mother duck shooing her little ones to the side for safety.

Daventry interlink rail and road is well under way

It’s not a very clear pic; one of the cygnets is feeling tired and is having ‘a ride’ on Mum. We actually saw the swan help the cygnet onto her/his back by using a wing.

Cygnet climbing on Mum’s back.

Lupins in a typical English garden in summer

We stopped for lunch at Weedon Bec, afterwhich we continued on until we moored just after Bridge 46. Last February when we came down this way, it took us 5 days! It was so cold; and each morning we were greeted with ‘cat ice’ on top of the water.

Tonight’s mooring is very quiet, and after taking Rusty for his last walk of the day, it looks to be highly populated by bats!

Tomorrow we’ll probably start the day with a cheese and spinach omelette; as we’ll be tackling the 13 Rothersthorpe locks. The flight will drop us down into Northampton, and onto the navigable River Nene.

Today we’ve cruised 11.25 miles, and 7 locks.

2 thoughts on “Down The Buckby Flight

  1. Great pictures! I love the salty smell of lupins it’s a long time since I’ve seen them in gardens. Enjoy the Nene it’s a place we never got to unfortunately.

    • Thank you Carol, didn’t lupins get a blight or something? So glad they are coming back again, an English garden isn’t the same without them. Jen

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