Dreams Do Come True!

We've finally did it! We sold our Spanish home.

Our home in SpainFor several years we had dreamt of returning to England to tour, or to use the correct terminology, to 'continually cruise' the Inland Waterway of England and Wales.

It's taken us what seemed ages to sell our lovely Spanish property, and to completely change our lifestyle from living in a house that basks in the hot Spanish sunshine for most of the year, to living on a narrowboat which cruises up and down our Inland Waterways; experiencing all the 'fun' of our diverse weather.  We can't wait to experience the diverse seasons, which is in stark contrast to the marginally different seasons of Spain.

It's going to be quite a learning curve, and I'm sure we're not prepared for all the extremities of living aboard, despite our years of research.

NB Cyan

We fell in love with her as soon as we saw her!  Having spent 3 soul destroying weeks, trawling through several English counties looking for 'The One'.  We finally found Cyan sitting on her mooring, miles from anywhere, and surrounded by the many glories of a hot summer's day.   The experience was all just perfectly idyllic!

One thought on “Dreams Do Come True!

  1. Hi to you both, hope you are well and coping with the new life. We are looking forward to following your adventures. Keep in touch.
    All the best Cynth & Ant Nicholls.

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