Entering The Peak Forest Canal

On this glorious day, we stopped at the services, before we left the Macclesfield, at Bridge #1, we stopped to fill with water and unload our rubbish.

While there a C&RT van arrived, the driver asked if we were going down Marple Locks.  “Yes”, we said. He told us there’s a problem with Lock 9, the paddle had failed. He said he and his team were presently repairing it, he’d just popped back to the yard as he’d forgotten his ladder. He very helpfully said “Please wait below lock #13  and I will wave you through”.

For us, this is our last view of the beautiful Macclesfield Canal bridges, (Bridge #1). We hope to be back very shortly!

Our first ‘taste’ of the Peak Forest Canal, and it looks like it’s not going to disappoint!

We caught up with the C&RT workmen, and John took a short walk down to lock # 9 to ‘inspect’ the ‘works in progress’.

Pic below shows the drained pound, and also demonstrates why it’s best to sail boats in the middle of the pound.

There is a C&RT engineer, wearing waders,  standing in the water and reconnecting the side paddle that had come adrift. ……..

By looking at the images, you’d think we would be held up for hours, not so, the repair probably held us up a mere half an hour,  the time it took us to drink a can of beer! (Well the weather was getting hotter!) Well done C&RT!

The Marple Locks are very deep, and built from stone blocks. Probably the masons were paid on piecework noticing the marks they made on the blocks.

The locks are fabulous! Nature never fails to amaze, how nature endeavours to ‘take over’.

John decided he wanted to do the locking, though by the time we moored up, he was shattered. Perhaps next time I ought to nag him to ‘give us a go’!

We’re presently moored just before Hyde Tunnel, and just after the breathtaking Marple Aqueduct.  Image below is a stock image, the bottom aqueduct is for narrowboats, and top one obviously is for trains.

Not sure yet whether we’ll be moving tomorrow, I’ve a feeling we might due to the fact there’s no digital TV.

Today we did 16 Locks, and approx 2.5 miles.  WiFi is ‘toasting our bread’.

2 thoughts on “Entering The Peak Forest Canal

  1. Hiya both. Glad you’re enjoying the Macc and Peak Forest. Yes, that’s the Peak Forest, not the New Forest! Shame you didn’t have time to go down to Buxworth Basin, but you can go there next time. Hope you enjoy the Huddersfield Narrow as much, hard work but rewarding. And the tunnel is a must do!

    • Hi Geoff, thanks for the head’s up! Must be old age lol

      We’re now enjoying the Huddersfield Narrow, it is a challenge, but I think we’re up for it! Wish there were more water. The silting is a problem though, but we’re not complaining.

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