Faulty Fridges, and Lovely New Galley Cupboards

We had a lovely meal at the Anchor Inn with Ann and Terry. The Inn is very dog friendly, though they are sensitive to some of their guests who might not understand the ‘delights’ of our canine friends. Word of warning though, their garden is beautifully set up for outside eating and entertainment, and it comes complete with a friendly family of rabbits. The rabbits hopping about on the lawn makes a lovely scene, and I’m sure the kiddies love to pet them. BUT Rusty isn’t so charmed at the sentiment as he views rabbits as prey! So when he’s with us, the lovely garden is out of bounds.

After our delicious meal, swapping Christmas presents, and saying good-bye to Ann and Terry, we cast off for our rendezvous with Mr Tesco. We’d arranged to meet him at the CRT yard, by the clock tower, just a couple of bridges from the Anchor Inn.

Once the shopping was safely on board, we cruised a couple 100 yds, and moored up, sitting tightly for a day or two.

Over the next couple of days, it was becoming obvious that the fridge, which we didn’t replace when we renewed the galley, wasn’t getting as cold as it should. A couple of weeks previously, a kind boater at Wigrams had given us the telephone number of a man who fixes 12v fridges (Daventry Refrigeration). After a phone call to ‘Dave’; Dave thought our fridge needed to be topped up with gas. He told us his shop was in Braunston, but he’d come out to Cyan if we could cruise to Hillmorton. As a new 12v fridge/freezer to replace our ‘broken’ one would cost around £650, we thought we’d take a chance to see if it could be fixed.

But first we’d arranged on 14th November for Steve, at Springwood Haven Marina, to complete our galley by adding a triangular cupboard ether end of a 100 cm base unit. He’d already made the cupboards in his workshop, and was waiting for us to arrive to fit them.

Our plan had to start with venturing to the top of Atherstone Lock to wind (turn) Cyan, dumping our rubbish, and using the Elsan facilities. Then make our way back to Springwood Haven Marina.

Passing the alpacas as we cruised to Atherstone.

We spent a day (and a night) in the marina while Steve worked his ‘magic’ – we’re so pleased with his work, his attention to the smallest detail really shows.

The next morning, we topped our tank up with water, and we were soon on our way back towards Hawkesbury Junction, and back onto the Oxford, heading for Hillmorton to meet with Dave, from Daventry Refrigeration.

Amazing how the roses are lasting!

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