‘Flying Experience’ Over Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

On a beautiful Spring day, with a recorded temperature of 18C, it was a perfect day to pass over the ‘The World Heritage’ Pontcysyllte Aqueduct.  People from all nationalities were out and about on the Llangollen Canal.

We were delighted to see mother duck (on the edge of the bank) having a good wash and preen, while watching and guarding her new brood of ducklings.

On the way to the Aqueduct we had to venture through the Whitehouse Tunnel, tunnels are not one of my favourite experiences, there’re not Rusty’s either as he was literally quaking!

At the approach of the Aqueduct was an enterprising narrowboat selling ice-cream and sweeties.

Here’s a little YouTube about this fabulous Aqueduct.

We videoed (by our Panasonic camera) our crossing, but unfortunately as yet, we’ve not been able to convert the .TDT file into a format that YouTube accepts. Because I had my hands full with the camera, and John grasping the tiller tightly, we didn’t take any still pics. Promise though to take some on our way back over.

The Llangollen Canal is very high up on a ridge.  We were amazed to find that we are actually travelling up hill! Apparently defying the law of physics. The ‘illusion’ is because daily 12 million gallons of water flowing from the River Dee into Hurleston Reservoir, travelling down the Llangollen Canal.


Approaching our destination at the Llangollen Basin where we will be mooring for the night, there’s a lovely tea shop where you can have a ride on a canal boat journey that is powered by a horse.  The ‘horse powered’ boat continues on the canal, powered boats are forbidden on that part of canal.

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