Frozen To The Bones!

Before we got out of bed this morning, we knew the Coventry had frozen over, there was that telltale cracking sound around 3:30 am, caused by Cyan slightly rocking and breaking the ice.

Cyan’s engine was gently kicked into action just after 9:00 am, and she was ‘ticked over’ through roughly 250 metres of ice to the wharf at Springwood Haven. After mooring, the first thing John did was to buy a 5 litre can of oil, to top up Cyan’s engine. We’ve had no sun at all today, so Cyan’s engine has had to be started 3 times today to top up the batteries – and all without losing a drop of oil.

There were three ‘jobs’ we needed doing at Springwood Haven Marina:

First was to test the gas pressure of the new gas cooker as the oven and hob didn’t look to be getting hot enough. A problem was found (glad about that, because I thought it might have been my imagination, or that I’d picked a duff cooker). The gas pressure was found to be low (think the reading was about 32mb), after having a new gas pressure regulator fitted, the gas pressure is now reaching around 42mb. Box ticked!

Second was to have the old 12v fridge/freezer swopped for a new one. Box ticked!

Thirdly, Cyan was tested for her Boat Safety Scheme Certificate – pleased to say she passed. Box ticked!

John had a good ‘natter’ with the Boat Safety Examiner, and he was left with a much better insight into exactly what the Scheme is all about.

There was little bit of consternation; in the CRT’s reminder email, it said, quote:

“According to our records your current Boat Safety Scheme certification expires on 31/03/2018.

BSS examinations are best done two months before the expiry of the old certificate. If your boat passes first time, the examiner is able to forward-date your new certificate so that it runs for four years from the expiry of your current certificate.”

We understood the email to mean that the new certificate will be dated from 31/03/2018. Not so, the Certificate will be dated two months from today’s date.

Today I received a reply to an email I sent to CRT about diesel spillage in the Canal, possibly from a badly listing boat. The reply said:

“Thank you for your email and informing us of the issue. We are actually aware if this issue and the local team and the Environment team attended the site on Friday.

Kind regards and have a nice day,”

Sounds like they already knew about the problem, but I don’t think it hurt to have emailed them.

We’re staying put for tonight on Springwood Haven’s wharf, tomorrow we’ll top up with diesel and water and make for a rendezvous with Mr Tesco at the CRT Yard/Clock Tower. Providing of course the Canal isn’t frozen over. The weather forecast predicts the temperature will be slightly above freezing.

All being well, we’ll make for a leisurely trip to Braunston before the stoppage starts at Butler’a Leap on 5th February.

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