Glorious Day On The River

A glorious day in the making as we set off from our ‘Lidl’ mooring

John took the picture of Cyan ‘hovering’ on the water while he waited for the lock to fill up.  We had intended to use the services at this lock, but annoyingly a boat was ‘moored’ at the water point. Hope C&RT take note and enforce the rules surrounding access to facilities!

These locks are wide, and rather short for Cyan, though they aren’t as deep as some we have encountered.

Poor John, it wasn’t easy for him to jump back on Cyan. ‘One giant step’ etc…..


Eventually we came to a weir on the river, obviously we can’t sail down weirs, therefore we turned off onto a part of a canal system.

It’s the first time this year we’ve spotted a dog rose.

The railway bridge is in use, because as we sailed under it, a train went over it!

For some reason we’ve not seen much wildlife on the canals we’ve been on these past few weeks, so we were really happy to see these little ones, they’ve grown so much and they’re starting to get their ‘grown up’ feathers. Sadly she’s only got three left, when probably she’d hatched over 10.

Here’s our calm and peaceful mooring for the night, just outside the Dewsbury Arm.

Today we’ve gone through 5 locks, cruised 2 miles, and we’ve got 12 Mbps.

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