Good Bye 2017 – HELLO 2018

Was pleased I managed to bring this website up-to-speed yesterday, it’s essential we have reference points for dates, otherwise our memories are like tangled cobwebs these days, and highly unreliable. 2017 has been our first complete-full year of living, and continuously cruising the glorious inland waterways of England and Wales.

It’s sort of traditional we look back through the past year on the eve of a new year, and make plans for the New Year! We thought this year (our 2nd full year) we’ll cruise South, aiming to spend summer on and around the Kennet & Avon – perhaps we’ll be able to cruise the full length of the navigation, incorporating 105 locks which of course includes the Caen Flight of 29 locks (Note to self: best start getting fit now!).

Loosely our plan is to cruise via the Oxford Canal, through the Napton Flight of locks and onto Pangbourne, returning at the end of the Summer, via the Grand Union.  Returning to ‘where’ is the big question…

The distance between Marston Junction and Pangbourne is 111 miles, and 53 locks.

But (and there’s always a ‘but’) CRT Winter Stoppages come into play! Our plan is to head for Braunston before the start of February (easy peasy), before the ‘Butler’s Leap Stoppage’ starts:

We’ve then got to kick our heals (or rudder) until the Napton Flight Winter Maintenance is complete, around 16th March:

This will give us plenty of time to explore Braunston, and surrounding area. What a lovely time this will be with the ducklings, cygnets, and other young arriving; Spring will have arrived.  Can’t wait now….

First though we’ve got to to sort out our fridge, it’s still not right, and we’ve recorded it as drawing around 7 or 8 amps. Presently we’re purposely mooring away from houses, and other boats, as we have need to start the engine late at night before we go to bed, just so the fridge doesn’t drain the batteries. Despite all of this, the fridge still isn’t cold enough.

Well this our New Year sorted….

Wishing all our Family, Friends, and Fellow Boaters a wonderful, healthy, happy, peaceful, and prosperous 2018!

We’ll be raising a glass of Cava to all our good friends, and we might even keep up the Spanish tradition of eating 12 grapes, one for each strike of midnight (to gain a bit of Good Luck for the New Year).

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