Good Bye Llangollen, Hello Shroppie

After Sunday’s beautiful weather, Monday brought back the April showers.

At the top of Hurleston locks we stopped to take on domestic water. In the squally rain, and a cutting sharp breeze we descended the four locks. John did the locking, helped by C&RT Volunteer Lockies (thank you Lockies), and I manoeuvred Cyan through the locks, battling the fast flowing by-wash which pushed Cyan away from the direction I wanted her to take. The strong blustery wind didn’t do us any favours either.

Hurleston Junction is at the bottom of the locks, which is the end (or the beginning) of the Llangollen Canal, and is where we take a left turn.  Turning left was ‘again’ a bit of a battle as the wind wanted us to turn right! With a sharp blast of forward-thrust letting Cyan know who’s in charge, it was a relief when she started to pivot to the left!

We didn’t have to cruise on the Shroppie main line too long, as we turned right onto the Middlewich Branch. Just before Cholmondeston Lock (#1), we moored Cyan in the shelter of a tall, yet thick hedge. We were ‘snuggled’ out of the cold north wind for the night.

This morning we woke to a glorious sunny day, yet remains of an overnight hailstorm still on the towpath! The ‘weather man’ said it wouldn’t last, so a decision was made to forgo breakfast, and to get ‘the show’ on the road while the sun shines.

Picture of me and a volunteer lockie, helping Cyan down through Cholmondeston Lock. It’s a deep lock at around 12 ft.

John said it was “Dark down there…!”

John took this pic as he and Cyan left Minshull Lock. This lock’s not as deep than Cholmondeston.

Pootling along was very pleasant as the canal looked ‘down’ over the beautiful Weaver Valley.  The above pic shows us cruising through an aqueduct over the River Weaver.

This pic doesn’t do justice to the magnificent view over the valley – it’s a glorious view.

This lucky milking herd were busy enjoying the lush grass, we couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if one of the cows fell in… would it be able to get out?

The tow path has been freshly mown this morning, and what with the neatly cut hedges, it shows the canal in a wonderful light.

Here’s mother duck with her gorgeous, and hilariously cute family.

This is our ‘home’ for the night, and our exclusive ‘garden’ has been freshly cut for our enjoyment.  We must be blessed!

We visited this marina when we were looking at boats, but forgot where it was.  Places look very different when travelling by car as opposed to a narrowboat.  We were very impressed with this marina, their helpful friendly staff, and the standard of their facilities is first class.  As we passed we took a pic of their sign for details, as we just might be spending time here during some of the winter months.

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