Got To Start Somewhere….

Here We Go!

Presently sitting on the Grand Union, just before we ascend Radford Bottom Lock.  It's 6 in the morning, and feeling that we have just GOT to kick-start ''.

We promised our friends and family that we'd write up our adventures on a blog.  To date we've written about our 'adventures' piecemeal through intermittent emails, but have to admit; we're not all that great about keeping up with emails, plus we're inclined to repeat ourselves these days!

It would have been great to start our website in chronological order, for example that first night when we picked up CYAN.  I'm sure we'll get round to writing about that memorable day/night eventually, but at the present time a 'stick' has had to placed in the ground - meaning "We've got to start somewhere!"

So to condense the last 53 days into a few lines:

  • We met Cyan's previous owners, and purchased their much loved boat
  • Cruised Cyan from Stoke on the Trent and Mersey Canal, to Hinckley on the 'Ashby Canal'
  • Had some alterations done, solar panels, dining area change to suit our lifestyle better
  • Received 5 m2 of our goods and chattels from Spain
  • 'Downsized' five times
  • Change of Batteries
  • Our first 'completed' canal cruise; the Ashby
  • The adventure of Farmer's Bridge Locks in Birmingham
  • Sailing down Gas Street, Birmingham

We intend to complete a post for each above topic!



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