Grand Union Canal Through Milton Keynes

Can’t say it was a cold day, but it was a grey, and damp one for our morning cruise through Milton Keynes. Unfortunately my camera doesn’t work very well in grey weather.

Recycling at it’s best, what a great idea for a garden screen.

The towpaths along this stretch through Milton Keynes are top class, unfortunately we passed some creepy areas.

I do hate to see a tragedy! A fisherman said the boat’s been sunk for several months. It looks like an abandoned boat; such boats are a costly headache for the C&RT.

Pip from NB Oleanna suggested (in a ‘comment’) we try to moor at ‘Linford Manor Park Visitor Mooring’. When we saw the mooring it looked perfect, except there were no room for us. The whole mooring looks to have been given over to ‘Winter Moorings’, which means boaters have paid C&RT to moor on these normally 24/48 hour moorings over the winter months; for a fee of course. The boaters we were chatting with yesterday at the water point, mentioned a delightful place, and they were really disappointed as continual cruisers, that one of their favourite stops has been denied them; we think it was this one. Yes, it was a shame we couldn’t moor there, but I’d really rather not go into the politics because I can see both sides, even though we’re miffed.  We could have moored on the opposite side of the canal, except it looked like it was on the edge of a housing estate.

Nothing for it but to continue on.

It’s still early in these parts for daffodils, but we did see a carpet of yellow crocuses. Not that the picture below shows them in their glory.

The pics taken today, loaded below, are in no particular order.

It wasn’t long ago we saw lots of ‘swan families’, swans we see now are in pairs. Can’t wait to see cygnets again 🙂

Not so sure this posh seat is comfy, but it is unique, and a joy to see.

What a fabulous sculpture, a tribute to the hard working barge horses. The form of the sculpture is perfect, it’s like a ‘ghost’ from the past. It takes our minds to how much, through the ages, we owe our ‘silent’ animal friends.


Hate disrupting a fishing competition. In the main fishermen are pleasant, but at the odd times we’ve come across a fisherman who dislikes boats disturbing his fishing! One fisherman actually said “Without you boaters, there wouldn’t be canals, and we wouldn’t be able to fish!” We did make a point today of thanking them, peppered with a bit of humour (we hoped).

Going over ‘New Bradwell Aqueduct’.

Tomorrow we’re hoping to find a place where we can shelter from the ‘Beast From The East’. Will it be as ‘bad’ as the weathermen predict?

Today we’ve cruised 6.5 miles.

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  1. That’s a shame Great Linford was full, there is only space for a couple of boats anyway, so you have to be lucky. The rest is permanent moorings, wonder how you get one of those. Hope you find somewhere good whilst the beast passes. Pip

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