Grumpy Start, But A Glorious End

Rusty had made friends with an adorable 3 month old spaniel who was living with his owner aboard a cruiser, moored near where we spent last night. He was gorgeous, and we could have easily stolen him.

The two dogs were having a great time on the towpath playing up and down, until a cyclist appeared. The cyclist took great umbrage when John alerted him (politely) that two dogs were off the lead. Whoops…. the result was a tirade, lecturing John that he had every right to cycle on the towpath. John reminded him that pedestrians have priority on towpaths, that is was a beautiful morning, it was only 9:15 am, and that he wished him a wonderful day! The cyclist was a great reminder why we love being on the water.

Rusty and his young friend, Patch

In the picture below, we were moored by the tree, but just around the corner, we discovered ice.

Cyan the icebreaker!

A little bit further on, it looks like someone has broken the ice for us.

Gosh it was cold, and I have to admit I saw several areas where I’d have liked us to moor, but was overruled! πŸ™

The scenery made up for the cold.

A fabulous layered hedge. Looks like a ‘work of art’!

Our only lock of the day was Leighton Lock #27. Just a turn on the windlass caused a furious rush of water into the lock. Like watching in slow motion, I watched Cyan as she was bumped, pretty hard, against the wall of the lock, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Such a feisty lock!

By the side of the lock, it looks like there’s an old stable block.

At the top of the lock, there must be around 50 or 60 gleaming boats, all pristine, and just waiting for the holiday makers to arrive. Surely it can’t be long now, doesn’t Easter kick-off the holiday season? Just looked it up; 1st April is Easter Sunday. Ha ha, then the fun starts. πŸ™‚

The moorings where we had an idea of stopping, were all long-term moorings. Though we were very lucky to moor right outside Tesco, with loads of room to spare. Boats are allowed to moor here for 2 hours while visiting Tesco.

We pulled up on the Tesco wharf, just as loads of kids were feeding the ducks. I’m afraid we were viewed as the devil incarnate; even though we came in slowly, quite a few of the children thought we were intentionally aiming to run over the ducks!

After a good Tesco shop, and all bags loaded inside Cyan, we cruised around the corner to top up once again with water (in case the Beast from the East, really is a ‘beast’ and freezes water point pipes), and we used the Elsan services. Our rubbish was dumped just around the corner at the rubbish point.

We didn’t cruise long after that, and we moored just after Mentmore Gardens footbridge. Mooring was a little tricky due to a strong breeze, but John and I did manage to ‘remain’ friends. πŸ™‚ Mooring was completed just as the Rugby started on the TV.

Just over the footbridge is a nature walk/reserve, so a good place to exercise Rusty.

Doubt we’ll be moving for a day or three, depending on the weather. If we don’t move for 14 days, we’ll not be short of anything, we’re well prepared.

This evening we were rewarded with a gorgeous sunset.

Today we cruised just under 3 miles, and through 1 lock.

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