Gypsy Kings, Here We Come!

We had the ‘day off’ yesterday, and left the Spring Bank Holiday cruisers to the Thames, while we watched on.

Another fine day dawned this morning; and we set off about 10 a.m.

At our first lock of the day, Clifton Lock, we shared the lock with a boat skippered by two lady ‘Waterway Chaplains’. Which was a strange coincidence as we were explaining the role of Waterway Chaplains with our ‘ecclesiastical’ friend, Maurice, last evening. Clifton Lock was unmanned, the ladies closed the gates, worked the sluices, then opened the exit gates, and we closed them after exiting the lock.

To close the gate, we temporarily moored on the lock landing. As there were no other boats around, John took the opportunity to have a quick look in the engine ‘hole’ to inspect the water situation while the engine was cooling down. A small top up to the coolant level and all was well!

Nothing like a paddle on a hot day

Easy to imagine a four poster bed was sailing down the Thames

Clifton Hempden Bridge

At first we thought these two Red Kites were fighting; reading an article on the internet, it appears this behaviour is part of their mating ritual

Spot the boat…

After sharing Culham Lock with the two ladies, we ‘glided’ into Abingdon. What a fantastic place it is too.

We’ve moored on a great mooring, over the way from St Helens Church (once again, thank you George). Mooring is free for 3 days.

Loving the neighbours!


We’ve now got a new plan! Today we booked two tickets at ‘The Corn Exchange, Cambridge,’ to see ‘Gypsy Kings’ on their UK tour. So we’ve got to be in Cambridge before the 9th July. calculates:

“… 262 miles, 2½ furlongs and 136 locks from Abingdon Bridge to Jesus Green Lock No 1. 

This will take 110 hours and 31 minutes which is 15 days, 5 hours and 31 minutes at 7 hours per day.”

The trip is via Lechlade, so (hopefully) we’ve plenty of time to meander over to Cambridge.

Today we’ve cruised 7.5 miles, and 2 locks.

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