Had To Visit “The Field Of Dreams”

We left our pretty moorings at Worsley. Weather outlook looked brilliant!

Winding our way through Patricroft.

We soon found ourselves sailing over Barton Lane Overbridge, just in front of the Aqueduct. Rusty’s right ear nearly always appears to get ‘in’ on the picture.

This is our entrance to the famous Barton Swing Aqueduct.

Wear and tear of history just oozes.

Looking at the mechanism, and wondering if they are safe!

Then it’s WOW! And the colly-wobbles start! That’s Manchester to the left….

Looking to the right, overlooks the Barton Swing Road Bridge, and the Thelwall Viaduct in the distance.

Can’t believe we’re sailing in a large bath!

The aqueduct pivots on an island in the middle of the Manchester Ship Canal and swings full of water, 800 tons of it. The aqueduct is considered an engineering masterpiece. It’s one of the engineering feats of the waterway world, and it attracts navigational enthusiasts from all over the world.

Built between 1893 and 1894 to replace Brindley’s 3 arch aqueduct of 1761. The bridge is literally an iron bath 18 feet wide, 7 feet deep, and 235 feet long. The bath/tank/trough is full of water, it sits on roller bearings, and is driven by hydraulic machinery, supplied by electrically powered pumps.

Here’s YouTube of the aqueduct in motion:

Leaving the Barton Swing Aqueduct.

After a short sail, we could have stopped to visit the Trafford Centre – there are moorings should we have wanted to stop. If I was dressed up for it, if the weather wasn’t so good, and if we weren’t on mission to see the ‘Field of Dreams’, I might have spent the rest of the day in there….

There is an unpleasant smell in the atmosphere and we soon discovered it was the Kellogg factory. The smell seemed to be with us for quite a while. I felt sorry for those who lived in the area, and had to live with this smell – perhaps they don’t notice it anymore? It wasn’t a pleasant toasty smell, as I’d imagined it would be.

We’d planned to turn left at ‘Stretford, Waters Meet’ (wonder why it’s not called a ‘junction’?), just for a little peek at ManU’s Old Trafford – it would be rather rude to be so near, yet not visit!

Here’s Cyan, paying homage!

Carrying on from United’s stadium, we went under ‘Throstle Nest Bridge’ – bit of a coincidence, but I don’t think there’s any connection here with ‘The Baggies’.

We passed, a Water Taxi, it was going quite a lick too.  

Passing by the Manchester Ship Canal, and I’m thinking Salford Quays is beyond…

… as we’ve just passed the TV Centre at Salford Quays. I’m sure we’d get good digital TV here!

At the ‘colourful’ Pomona lock that goes onto the Ship Canal, we turned/winded Cyan.

Travelling past the tram station.

Here we are, back again at ‘Waters Meet’, where we turned left to continue our journey.

We passed through Sale, where the canal is as straight as a die!

We passed a ‘birthday’ boat!

It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable day today! Eventually we moored in the countryside, next to a wooden bench where we ended the day with a bottle of something very nice. (Well that doesn’t sound good does it? But in this instance, it’s true!)

I should also add we moored at Dunham Massey – the medieval seat of the ‘Massey Barons‘!

Today we’ve cruised 13 miles, no locks. WiFi 5 Mg, Digital TV not good.

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