Hampton Court

Our plan this morning was to have a nice gentle cruise towards Hampton Court. After a good old English breakfast, we set off from our mooring at Teddington Lock; the weather promised to be brilliant.

It was lovely to see loads of kids having such fun in the water, many of them were under instruction, learning to sail. The river was very busy, with lots of people taking advantage of the weather, and basically having a great time. There were occasions when it got a little ‘hairy’ as boaters turned, or cut in front of us. We weren’t in any hurry, and quite a few of the speedy types overtook us, on BOTH sides (boats overtaking us should be on our left – towards the middle).

Canoes inside the weir at Teddington, having a great time on the ‘white water rapids’!

Stealth boats moored below Kingston Bridge, sure I saw a guy stroking a white cat on one of them?

Our costly learning curve:

At ‘Raven’s Ait we ‘thought’ we’d found a suitable mooring, it was away from the main stream of traffic, and near a path that’s great for dog walking. As soon as we moored, John climbed up the bank (see pic below) but found the angle difficult (because of his bad knee and foot) – I too found it awkward. When John returned from taking Rusty for a brief walk, he said he’d seen a better place to moor where there were steps, and a picnic bench just along from where we were moored. We untied Cyan’s lines, and slowly motored about 50 yards to the ‘better’ mooring. Just as we approached, we heard that horrible scratching sound underneath Cyan as she dragged along the river bottom.

Cheeky crane, treating the water inlet like conveyor belt of food. He kept popping in and out of the ‘drain’. He obviously had worked out an easy way to fish.

Before John could reverse Cyan away from being ground, this huge pleasure boat passed us. I took a snap of it, just before Cyan tipped at a frightening angle, followed by a loud sound of glass and pottery smashing!

Cyan obviously grounded on a ledge of silt, the boat passed causing a fair amount of water to be sucked from under her, and she tipped, making glasses, and crockery fly out of a kitchen cupboard; breaking around 8 glasses, one cereal bowl, and a small plate – it could have been worse!

Hampton Court

We’re moored adjacent to Hampton Court.

Today we’ve cruised just over 4 miles.

6 thoughts on “Hampton Court

  1. Look out for us, we’re heading your way but much more slowly! If you see us don’t forget to stop and say hello.
    Carol and George
    Widebeam Still Rockin’

  2. Yes we moored there once and found much the same with the trip boats passing although not as bad as your experience. We didnt’t actually ground there but got rocked by those boats. It is because the bank and Raven’s Ait are fairly close together and therefore the water runs fast when the trip boats pass through and pull the water with them!!

    • Hi Sue, we have been following your progress, nearly there….well done!
      Regarding the tipping of cyan, I had managed to get the bow onto a silt ridge and was in the process of reversing back off when that large ‘River Steamer’ rushed past. Before I knew what was happening the cabin was at about 20degs list to port and we heard the sound of breaking glass and crockery from below.
      We just looked at each other and said Oh, Oh. That sounds expensive! The losses were not as bad as first thought and there is now room in the cupboards again! No drink was lost…….Moored at Hampton Court after that, despite the trip boats trying to dislodge us we have remained secure over the weekend. George and Carole (Still Rocking) are on the way down towards us so during the next few days we should pass an say hello. Tesco shuffle tomorrow at West Molesey.
      John & Jen

  3. Well I will miss you this time (not back at boat until first Sat in May) although you will see NP moored upstream of Bourne End. May I suggest a stop at the Bounty Pub on your left after going under the railway bridge. Fabulous place, it is a bit different! Can be busy on the moorings though but there is a boat there with a notice in the window to moor alongside if there is no room by the shore.

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