Here We Go… Here We Go…

We’ve had 12 full days in Aqueduct Marina, and developed a bad dose of ‘cabin fever’, we were fast getting to the ‘end of our tether’. Being parked on the ‘dark side’ of the marina, downwind of where boats were getting power washed and sandblasted, wasn’t doing much for the chesty coughs we’ve had for a couple of weeks. Still, we did get a load of work done.

At the first opportunity which was this morning, we managed to break free, and it was a sight for sore eyes when the tractor and ‘boat cradle’ arrived to collect Cyan.

Over the past couple of days we’ve been relieved that Rusty has been running up and down the ‘scary’ ladders without a problem, though he did go berserk when he thought ‘his’ boat was being stolen.

Within five minutes of Cyan being dropped back into the water, we were off!

Despite the weather forecast saying it’s going to be a sunny day, the clouds looked ominous, we even had a brief rain shower.

Both Minshull Lock (#2) and Cholmondeston Lock (#1) were busy, with boats waiting to ascend and descend. I helped with the locking while chatting to boaters as they went through the locks. Surprising what information can be gleaned. One boater told us to make sure we stop in Audlem to visit the fantastic butcher that is there.

Seeing that I helped other boaters with the locks, I didn’t feel a twinge of guilt popping back on to Cyan while still in the lock.

We had intended to turn right at Barbridge Junction, and make our way to Chester. But that was last week, before we had a change of mind. We’ve decided to change tack and ‘aim’ for the Coventry Canal.

We want to refurbish our galley, and we thought Aqueduct Marina could help. We’ve not officially had the estimate yet, they are going to email it to us, but we’ve been made aware it’s going to be over £7.5k, and that’s after we supply the cooker/hob, fridge, worktops, and sink. Furthermore they don’t have a ‘slot’ until next year!

There are some other work, like making indoor windows and frame for the hatch, and rebuilding the steps down from the stern. The ‘estimate’ has made our eyes water, so we’re off to get other estimates – two of which we hope will come from boatyards we trust on the Coventry.

Couldn’t see much activity at Hurlesden Junction.

All appears quiet at the locks, no boats going up and down, to and from the Llangollen Canal.

This is a real rubbish boat, there’s even plants growing through the rubbish. We saw this boat in May, except it was facing the other way. So many questions!

John’s really pleased with the work done on Cyan, which was having the top bearing replaced on the rudder, and the skeg cup bearing replaced. Cruising now appears quieter, steering is much more responsive, and the ‘play’ has gone.

We’re now moored just after Nantwich Aqueduct. We had hoped to do the two Hack Green Locks today, except the boat in front was excessively slow, we’d travelled several miles behind it on tick-over, and it was easier for us to call it a day.

Just a little tip: Before we left we had a delivery from Tesco, I’d ordered a pack of Paracetamol, 2 boxes of Lemsip, and 2 bottles of cough medicine. When ordering the medicine, a message appeared on screen saying I’d gone over my quota for medicine. I ignored the message, and Tesco delivered my full order.

We’ve travelled 7 miles, and manoeuvred through 2 locks. WiFi is 20Mg. Postcode is CW5 5HQ.


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