Hitting Braunston For The Weekend

We left our beautiful mooring this morning in the sunshine, though not before Cyan had her port-side and 3/4 of her roof cleaned. Her port-side windows also got a sharp polish while we were at it.  Before we set off a wash load was primed in the washing machine, ready for washing as we cruised along.

We headed for Braunston Junction to dispatch our rubbish, fill up with water, and to use the Elsan services.

The cruise was pleasant enough in the sunshine, even with an unfriendly wind from the North. Though by the time we reached Braunston, the day had turned grey, and the wind had done it’s worse to turn our ‘bones’ cold!

Since our water gauge ‘gave up the ghost’, we’re not too sure how much water we’ve left in the tank, and I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to keep track of how many showers we’ve had, and how many wash-loads has been put through the washing machine since we filled up last Sunday at Wigrams.

The first task after we moored at the service point, was to start filling Cyan’s tank with water. The water pressure must be incredible here, because by the time we’d taken the rubbish and visited the Elsan, water was flowing out of Cyan’s side; the tank was overflowing – it made a change from us glowering over the tank’s inlet hole; wistfully hoping the tank would quickly fill.

In no time at all; Cyan reversed away from the service point, and back under the bridge from whence she came. As soon as she was clear of the ‘island’ she was sailed through the junction’s right-hand ‘fork’, and onto Braunston.

We’re now moored for the weekend at the bottom of the field by Braunston’s famous church with the iconic steeple.

The weather isn’t looking good for the weekend, but I don’t think that will stop us from having a look around Braunston. We’ve also planned to visit Tradline, the rope shop. Looking at their website, it’s enough to make our ‘mouth’s water’. It’s an Aladdin’s Cave.

We’re looking to replace our two centre lines with ropes that are more ‘friendly’ in cold weather. The ropes we have presently are about an inch thick (not easy to tie), and they are made from a sort of cotton fibre that holds water – so when the weather’s below -OC, the rope of course freezes. Hanging tightly on to the centre line when it’s stiff because of ice is miserable.

4 thoughts on “Hitting Braunston For The Weekend

  1. Tradline really is an Aladdin’s Cave! I decided on their braid on braid for the centre lines in September 2015 and don’t regret it. Much nicer to handle I feel. Downside is that it’s more expensive and doesn’t float which matters to some.
    Nb Samsara
    currently on the Middle Levels

  2. In your photos the weather looks lovely and bright – that is until I look at the leafless trees!
    We are still in the midst of a very warm summer in NZ – so I have to do the six month/hemisphere flip in my head to get aligned with the seasons …
    Jaq Biggs bought some nifty little ‘stays’ for her fender ropes at Tradline – she gave one to us and next time we are passing I will get a few more. Check them out too …
    Cheers, Marilyn, nb Waka Huia (from May to Oct)

    • Hi Marilyn, are the ‘nifty little stays’ soft rope shackles? I’m visiting the shop tomorrow, they’re closed today (Sunday), and yesterday the rain just never stopped so we stayed in. These do look very handy http://www.tradline.co/ROPE-SHACKLES.html. Weather’s beautiful today, not a cloud in the sky. Don’t know if it’s my imagination, but I do think the buds on the trees look to be getting bigger – maybe it’s wishful thinking. It’s comforting to know there are trees somewhere in the world that are full of leaves…. 🙂 Sounds like you have the best of ‘both worlds’ 🙂

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