Hope Everyone Had A Lovely Christmas

Hope everyone reading this had as lovely Christmas as us.

Obviously, in our quiet secluded mooring, we didn’t have much excitement – who needs excitement when you live on the cut? 🙂 Having a full rubbish bag blow over the side into the canal was about as much excitement we could take. Don’t worry, the bag luckily floated, and with the help of two boats passing by, the agitation of the water caused the rubbish bag to drift back toward the towpath, it drifted at least far enough to get the grappling hook through it to yank it out.

Seriously, we do hope all our friends had a lovely Christmas. This year, we sadly lost two good friends, and our thoughts have been with their loved ones. It’s a stark reminder that Christmas can be a brutal time for some.

The weather has recently been glorious, and very welcome after such cold freezing conditions.

We stayed at our ‘Christmas Mooring’ for 5 days. Yesterday we ventured onto the Coventry canal, and we headed for the services at Hawkesbury. Once the chores completed, we returned in the direction of Marston Junction, highly relieved to see no ice in the canal.

We moored by Gypsy Lane, in the sunshine.

Today we had a short cruise to Sainsburys, by Dewsons in Nuneaton, our mission was to get a bottle of bubbly to hail in 2018 in style.

After Sainsburys we winded (turned) Cyan around, and were happy to moor back at Gypsy Lane, though by this time it was in strong gales.

I didn’t have my camera close to hand, otherwise I’d have taken a pic of a beautiful tree full of catkins. Forgive me for being an optimist, but Spring is now just around the corner!

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