Huddled Up And Storm Ready!

We’ve got an amber weather alert for the area we’re cruising day. So rather than cruising on to Tixall Wide as planned, we thought we’d best choose a place to moor where we can snuggle by a tall hedge to buffer us from predicted 65+ mph west winds due to hit us around midnight tonight. We’ll also need to moor where there are no trees near in case they cause damage. We think we’ve found the perfect spot!

We were up early this morning to a glorious sunny day! Cruising past the chemical works above Gailey. The two ‘chimneys’ were lit up last night, probably to alert aircraft? Wonder what the grass on the roof is about? If it’s camouflage, then it doesn’t appear to be working.

We’ve manoeuvred through 10 locks today, starting at Gailey Lock where we filled with water, dumped our rubbish, and used the Elsan Services before descending the lock. The lock in the picture below is ‘Brick Kiln Lock’ (#33).

The locks today were brilliant, they weren’t that deep, and they emptied and filled quite quickly.

Some of the bridge architecture was interesting. At one of the bridges, the ‘helmsman’, who was in the bridge hole before us took their boat wide, pushing us into silt, and causing us a 10 minute problem (grrrr).

Though it’s not obvious, this old bridge isn’t supporting heavy traffic. Beyond is a new bridge that’s more than able to take heavy lorries.

While the sun was shining, the scenery was glorious. The scene takes on a different ‘mood’ when the sun retreats.

These are our neighbours for the night! We are moored just before Roseford Bridge (#94), 2 locks and less than 5 miles from today’s target (at Tixall Wide). We’re not worried, our mooring is perfectly safe from any torment that Storm Aileen can throw at us.

Today we’ve travelled 8 miles, and 10 locks. WiFi is 10 Mg, and digital TV is not much good.


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