I Know It’s January, But It Feels Like Spring!

We were woken early this morning, about 6am, by the Carbon Monoxide Alarm sounding off by our bed at the stern of the boat.

John rushed to the back of the boat to open the stern doors, while I raced to the front, opening windows as I went down the boat before opening the bow doors, and unzipping the cratch covers to get more air into the boat.

The stove was riddled, ash was emptied, and the stove was turned up to burn the smouldering cinders. We couldn’t see any reason why any CO had escaped. The alarm at the front near the stove registered 45ppm (this one didn’t sound the alarm), and the stern alarm which had woken us up, registered 55ppm.

Thank goodness it wasn’t such a cold night seeing that Cyan was now open to the elements, though the wind was rather high which could have been the culprit; blowing down the chimney.

We’ve promised to give the flue a good brushing at the first opportunity we get when the towpath is on the chimney side.

We had stayed at our spot by the aqueduct over the weekend, though it was rather quiet. With the weather being in the doldrums, we stayed indoors keeping cosy.

This morning, after breakfast, the sun came out, just at the time we were leaving. It was such a pleasure to cruise in the sunshine after the bleak weather we had over the weekend.

Colwich Lock

After going through Colwich Lock, we found a good spot to moor for the night.

Today we’ve travelled just under 3 miles.

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