In Search Of Cool

We left our spot at Little Thetford 48hr mooring after John carried out a couple of necessary, but horrible jobs.

John’s first job was to go down the weed hatch to check the prop for weeds. Luckily there was no problem, and while he had the engine cover open, he checked oil and water levels; all was fine!

The worse job was clean the sump that takes dirty water from the kitchen sink, shower, and bathroom wash hand basin. Uck the sump was gross with quite a build up of grease. Once cleaned, the sump was assembled again. This is a horrible 6 week (ish) job. Despite every dish, piece of cutlery, or utensil getting wiped with a sheet of kitchen towel before being popped into the hot washing up water, the buildup of grease continues.

After we’d both had a ‘cool’ shower, we set off on today’s journey.

We had tried to contact the ‘Fish and Duck’ marina to ask if they were open; their website’s down (has been for days), and no one is answering their phone. We decided to call in any case, after looking for a few clues where their diesel pump’s situated on Google maps. We sailed to an almost standstill by the marina where there appeared to be no one around, and seeing as the area where the diesel pump is situated would be tight to moor (without nudging moored boats); we pushed on a short distance to a GA mooring.

The hot weather was so intense yesterday, it was difficult to find a coolish spot. There was a ‘cheeky’ cool brease every now and again which was a welcome relief, even if it only was for a few moments. The new screens for the hatch and the bow doors have helped enormously to improve the ventilation by allowing us to leave the hatch and doors open overnight, but it is still very warm. All that steel in the hull makes for a good radiator!

Literally chilling out for the evening, while waiting for the bbq to get up to temperature!

Mum moorhen with her chicks finding lots of lovely food amongst the lily pads.

Course you do need big feet to walk on lily pads!

John, experimenting with moon shots

Cyan is literally being over run with spiders!

We only moved about 2 miles today. We’ll be moving on for a short journey tomorrow to hopefully a place where Rusty can get a decent walk, and where there’s a better WiFi signal.

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